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Tynor Revolutionizing Sleep Comfort with Royale Memory Foam Pillows for Holistic Wellbeing

New Delhi, Delhi, India

Tynor, a renowned leader in orthopedic solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of Royale Ortho Memory Pillow under the Tynor Life segment. This extension presents scientifically designed memory foam pillows with cooling gel technology seamlessly blending science and comfort, offering a smart approach to holistic self-care and enhanced well-being.

In today’s world, unhealthy lifestyle choices prevail, and getting quality sleep is paramount, as 7-8 hours of rest are essential for a refreshed routine. Tynor Life is committed to your well-being, which shines through massive leaps in sleep technology. Tynor understands that sleep quality depends on multiple factors, and a high-quality pillow is one of them.

The Royale Ortho Memory Pillow is made with antimicrobial memory foam and infused with cooling gel technology. Inspired by sleep science, the pillows cater to the sleeping patterns of our customers. The pillow relaxes neck muscles, regulates temperature, reduces pressure, and promotes a healthy sleeping posture. The breathable and antimicrobial pillow comes in two variants — Soft and Firm providing the perfect support for your needs whether you’re a back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or side sleeper. The pillow prevents fatigue, neck pain, and stress-related issues, positively impacting consumers’ daily lives.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Abhaynoor Singh, Director, Tynor Orthotics said, “We at Tynor are elated to announce the launch of Royale Ortho Memory Pillow under the Tynor Life segment. Placing the well-being of our consumers at the forefront has always been the motivation behind each of Tynor’s products, which takes center stage in the products under Tynor Life. With our profound understanding of human anatomy, Tynor believes it’s time to redefine the perception of orthotic aids. We firmly believe these aids should not be confined to sickness or weakness. Instead, they should seamlessly blend into our daily lives, becoming an integral part of our journey toward well-being. With Tynor Life, Tynor remains committed to providing unwavering support and empowerment to all its consumers as they navigate their everyday lives by bringing comfort, convenience, and well-being with all its products.




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