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Tissot PRX, the gift for all time

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New Delhi, Delhi, India: 

As buyers enter the traditional season of gifting, many will be asking: should I choose a watch for my loved one? But then, which one? And will my budget stretch to a beautiful, stylish, timeless Swiss wristwatch?

For generations, Tissot has been crafting watches that not only serve as the perfect present, but that also become symbols of the love shared between people, and of the celebratory moment of offering and receiving. Few gifts capture the surprise and joy the gift of a watch brings. Fewer still become a capsule holding the special memory shared between loved ones. When the recipient looks for the time, they will forever remember how much they’re loved and how precious time with those they love is.

Tissot’s new gift collection has been thoughtfully curated to cater for this moment, and for every taste: masculine or feminine, classic or sporty, traditional or contemporary, relaxed or adventurous, and always beautiful. Each watch conceived and designed to be a perpetual reminder of milestones that punctuate and define the story of many lives.

And while perceptions of affordability will always vary, Tissot’s collection of Swiss Made watches delivers exceptional value. Considered over a lifetime of daily wear, no gift will give back as much as a Tissot watch.

Festivities of the year

The end of season spirit is one of generosity and gratitude. This is a time of giving and receiving, gathering with those we hold dear and celebrating and strengthening the bonds that unite us.

What greater gesture than a luxury Swiss watch to emphasize how much one values those bonds? For him, try the high-functioning PRX Chronograph; for her, the sophisticated PRX 35mm with gold and diamonds. Both timeless expressions of style, modernity – and love.

Tissot PRX Automatic Chronograph – T1374271101100
Tissot PRX 35mm Powermatic 80 Steel & 18k Gold Bezel – T9312074133600


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