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Stage set for establishment of big industrial parks in UP, 2.70 lakh job opportunities in pipeline

Yogi govt’s initiative to propel UP’s economic growth, Kanpur set to become employment hub

UP govt’s GBC@4.0 ushers in new era of development, investment over Rs 14,634 cr to be made under 13 largest industrial parks


By Our Correspondent

Lucknow: The Ground Breaking Ceremony (GBC@4.0), organized by the Yogi government, has played a pivotal role in attracting substantial investments, shaping the economic landscape of Uttar Pradesh. Private industrial parks have emerged as key contributors to this economic boom, with investors pouring capital into various districts across the state.

Notably, the establishment of 13 major industrial parks is currently in progress, promising a substantial investment of Rs 14,634 crores and the creation of employment for 2.70 lakh people in the state. The Industrial Park being established in Kanpur alone is expected to generate 2.5 lakh employment opportunities.

Additionally, industrial parks are being set up in Baghpat, Barabanki, Bareilly, Chandauli, Ghaziabad, Hapur, Meerut, Saharanpur, and Shahjahanpur. It is noteworthy that in February, the Yogi government through GBC@4.0 introduced over 14,000 projects with an investment of over Rs 10 lakh crores across the state, potentially creating 34 lakh employment opportunities.

Creation of job opportunities in Kanpur

In a significant achievement regarding private industrial parks, Kanpur is gearing up to provide the most employment opportunities. The Mega Leather Cluster Development (UP) Pvt. Ltd. is establishing a private industrial park in Kanpur at a cost of Rs 5,850 crores. This industrial park is set to generate employment for a record 2.5 lakh people. This is the largest number of jobs being created through the industrial park. This initiative will strengthen Kanpur’s industrial identity and establish it as a hub for employment.

Crescendo Interiors is setting up a private industrial park in Ayodhya at a cost of Rs 500 crore, creating employment for 100 individuals. Additionally, Lucknow H.M. Green City Pvt. Ltd. is setting up a private industrial park in Barabanki at a cost of Rs 150 crores, providing employment for 200 people.

Shahjahanpur is also contributing to these establishments with LatestPlus Apparel Pvt. Ltd. investing Rs 5,000 crores in an industrial park that will offer jobs to 1,000 people. Furthermore, in Bareilly, Realply Plywoods LLP is launching a project worth Rs 408 crores, aiming to employ 1,000 people. In Chandauli, DRS Developers is managing employment for 150 people through a project funded with an investment of Rs 50 crores under the Pledge Scheme.

Industrial park will provide thousands of jobs in Paschimanchal

Industrial parks are also being established on a large scale in the western part of the state. Under this, BMR Buildcon Projects Pvt. Ltd. is setting up a 30-acre industrial park in Baghpat with an investment of Rs 200 crores, expected to create jobs for 1,200 individuals. Additionally, Kalindi Estate Pvt. Ltd. is establishing a 25-acre industrial park in Baghpat itself with an investment of Rs 200 crores, providing employment opportunities for approximately 1,430 people.

Similarly, Multiwings Electric LLP is constructing a logistics park in Ghaziabad with a cost of Rs 500 crore. It will be able to provide jobs for 800 people. Meanwhile, Shiv Shankar Industries is investing Rs 350 crores in Hapur, generating employment for 500 people. Vishwakarma Industrial Estate is building an industrial park in Meerut at a cost of Rs 626 crore, which will provide employment to 6570 people.

Additionally, Paswara Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is investing in a Rs 300 crores project in Meerut, providing jobs for 500 people. Pulastya Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. is constructing an industrial park in Saharanpur with an investment of Rs 500 crores, aiming to create employment opportunities for 5,000 people.

Industrial park will be equipped with every facility

In these private industrial parks being established in Uttar Pradesh, all the facilities for industrial units will be available in a single complex. The manufacturing zone of the park will have flat factories and factory sheds. Under common facilities, there will be a business and shopping center, incubation center, hotels and restaurants, hostels, office blocks, health and communication facilities, police and fire stations, and more.

These industrial parks will also include common infrastructure such as electricity, water, and road connectivity, along with facilities like a common effluent treatment plant, testing and certification labs. Additionally, logistics facilities such as warehouses, container and truck terminals, railway siding infrastructure, fuel stations, etc., will be available. Green zones filled with lush greenery will also be part of these industrial parks. To ensure security at the parks, police stations will be constructed and security guards will be deployed.




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