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South United Football Club Marks AFC Women’s Football Day with a Spectacular Celebration

Bengaluru: South United Football Club (SUFC), which competes in the highest league in the state of Karnataka, celebrated the AFC Women’s Football Day at the Club’s Ulsoor facility with great enthusiasm on 2nd March 2024. The occasion was observed with a sense of fostering community spirit and a strong focus on women in football.

The event, hosted at the Club’s state-of-the-art facility, garnered an overwhelming turnout, with participation from talented girls representing the SUFC Academy. Attendees included not only the young athletes but also families and relatives of the SUFC Academy players. Women affiliated with CultFit-Multifit Gym, Tagda Raho, and Maverick and Farmer Coffee enthusiastically participated in the celebration, actively championing the cause of promoting health and wellness among women.

“We are thrilled to have played a part in celebrating AFC Women’s Football Day, showcasing the immense talent and passion that exists within our community”, said Prerana Dhawan, CMO & COO, South United Football Club. “As an organization deeply committed to promoting gender equality and social inclusion, South United Football Club remains dedicated to creating opportunities for women to excel in football and beyond. Through initiatives like AFC Women’s Football Day, the Club hopes to inspire the next generation of female athletes and foster a more inclusive and equitable sporting landscape.”, she added.

AFC Women’s Football Day

Many engaging and fun events, meticulously planned by SUFC coaches, brought together girls and women in spirited competition, competing with and against each other. Events like Tic Tac Toe, Flip the Marker, Football Golf, Tug of War, and a 7-a-side football match pitting parents against their children were conducted and saw everyone participating with much enthusiasm. The participation exceeded expectations, underscoring the growing interest and support for women’s football in the region.

AFC Women’s Football Day

This celebration stands as a testament to SUFC’s commitment to nurturing talent, encouraging inclusivity, promoting women’s football, and creating a vibrant community through the beautiful game.




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