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  • Sheohar beat Madhubani in Randhir Verma Under-19 Cricket Tournament

Sheohar beat Madhubani in Randhir Verma Under-19 Cricket Tournament

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Darbhanga: In the match of Randhir Verma Under 19 Cricket Competition Mithila Zone being held at the ground of Nehru Stadium Laheriasarai Darbhanga, the team of Sheohar defeated the Madhubani by 20 runs.

Sheohar won the toss and batted first and were all out after scoring 172 runs in 36.1 overs. Shivam Jha scored 42 runs, Vikas Kumar scored 38 runs, Aditya scored 26 runs, Pushp Shekhar scored 13 runs and Tathagata Anand scored 28 runs.

Madhubani bowler Kumar Tejashwi Yadav took 4 wickets, captain Aditya Raj took 2 wickets, Abhay Mishra, Deepak Kumar and Abhishek Kumar took 1 wicket each.

In reply, Madhubani were all out after scoring 152 runs in 37.1 overs. Ravi Kumar scored 12 runs, Mukesh Yadav scored 12 runs, Subhash scored 34 runs, Gautam Kumar scored 9 runs, Ayush Kumar scored 29 runs, Shubham Mishra scored 13 runs and Dularchand scored 20 runs.

Sheohar bowler Yuvraj Singh took 5 wickets, Shivam Jha, Tathagata, Vivek Anand and Amit Gupta took 1 wicket each.

Man of the Match award was given to Yuvraj Singh by Secretary Pawan Kumar Singh.

Brief scores

Sheohar: All out for 172 runs in 36.1 overs, Shivam Jha 42, Vikas Kumar 38, Pushp Shekhar 13, Aditya Raj 26, Tathagat Anand 28, extra 13, Kumar Tejashwi Yadav 4/45, Deepak Kumar 1/48, Aditya Raj 2. /24, Abhay Mishra 1/29, Abhishek Kumar Paswan 1/1

Madhubani: All out for 152 runs in 37.1 overs, Ravi Kumar 12, Mukesh Kumar Yadav 12, Subhash 34, Ayush Kumar 29, Shubham Kumar Mishra 13, Dular Chand 20 not out, extra 12, Yuvraj Singh 5/41, Shivam Jha 1/2. 18, Tathagata Anand 1/28, Vivek Anand 1/18, Amit Gupta 1/21


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