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Seniors enjoy special day at St Karen’s High School

Patna: The farewell ceremony of standard 12th (session 2022-23) was held in the premises of St. Karen’s High School. The event organized on Friday (February 3, 2023) was high on the fun quotient, as the seniors enjoyed their special day.Young girls sashayed around in their vibrant red attire while the boys looked dashing and handsome in their formal suits.

Students were warmly welcomed by the teachers who blessed them by applying tilak and ushered them in. The lighting of the pious ceremonial lamp by the director of the school D.P. Galstaun, Academic Supervisor Shefali Srivastava, Principal Seema Singh and plus two in-charge Michael Pushpa Nayagam marked the inauguration of the farewell ceremony.

The director of the school addressed the students and motivated them to pursue their dreams with strong willpower and sheer determination. The council members handed over their sashes to the director sir. The Farewell speech by the succeeding batch left the students and teachers tearful. Being grateful is the key to success. The outgoing batch thanked the institution and its members for their crucial and unforgettable role in shaping their future.

Mrs. Seema Singh, the school’s principal, encouraged the students with an impassioned speech, and Michael Pushpa Nayagam, the plus two in-charge, advised the students on their next steps.

The performance by the succeeding batch was the most exciting part of the programme as the girls set the stage on fire by their scintillating dance performance. The school band rocked the stage with their pulsating music.

The outgoing students participated enthusiastically in various exciting games, and the winners were awarded. Regularity is the key to perfection in any art. The students were also awarded for their highest marks, full attendance, etc. The much-awaited part of the auspicious farewell ceremony was the distribution of the titles. The most coveted awards of Miss and Mr. Karenite went to Ms. Vrinda Saravan and Mr. Chaitanya Prabhakar respectively.

Finally, the students parted after taking blessings of their teachers who wished them good luck for their upcoming future. The valedictory ceremony marked the beginning of a beautiful ending.



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