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  • ‘Samay Sei Pare Swar Chhandon Ki Yatra’ a book by Sarod maestro and scholar Prof CL Das released

‘Samay Sei Pare Swar Chhandon Ki Yatra’ a book by Sarod maestro and scholar Prof CL Das released

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By Symal Das 

PATNA: ‘Samay Sei Pare Swar Chhandon Ki Yatra’ a book by the eminent Sarod exponent and  music historian, Prof CL Das was released at a function held recently in Patna.

A documentation of musical journey of Bihar, the book carries anecdotes related to stalwarts like Pt Ravi Shankar, Pt Bhimsen Joshi and Beghum Akhtar

Published by the Kanishka Publishers, Delhi, the book  ‘Samay Sei Pare’ is virtually a documentation of the musical journey of Bihar, carrying details of the music traditions and musicians  from the post- Independence era to the beginning of 21st Century.

A compilation of 18 articles, the book is based on the memoirs of the Sarod maestro, Prof C L Das who have been witness to many memorable musical events and activities held in Patna and in other parts of Bihar and had been associated to many legendary artistes of the time. It carries memoirs of some interesting events and anecdotes related to the stalwarts of Hindustani music, ranging from Bharat Ratna, Pt Ravi Shankar and Pt Bhimsen Joshi to the great Ghazal artiste, Beghum Akhtar and the legendary Roshan Ara Beghum, who hailed from Patna but later  shifted to Pakistan after the division of the country.

The Chhand Yatra book release function was attended by Janardan Singh Sigriwal, MP,  Maharajganj, senior artist Anandi Prasad Badal, Dr NK Agrawal, academic adviser, education department, Dr Ramvachan Rai, Dr Pushpam Kumari, Dean, Lalit Narayan Mithila University, Sushil Kumar, SP, economic offence unit and art journalist, Ashish Kumar.

Speaking on the occasion, Janardan Singh Sigriwal, MP from Maharajganj, said that memoirs of Prof CL Das was virtually a research material. “It would benefit the research scholars who want to work on musical journey of Bihar, ” he said.

Dr NK Agrawal who also happens to be a member of the INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage), said that this book , ‘Samay Sei Pare’ by CL Das ji deserves global reach and promotion. “People need to be made aware of the history and heritage of Patna captured in this book. We will carry its reviewed in the magazine published by the INTACH for its it’s branches in more than 300 countries of the world,” he said. Dr Agrawal said that Prof Das was a multifaceted personality.

“He devoted his life to music traditions and musicians.  Apart from being a Sarod artiste and a music scholar, he was also a great votary of women empowerment. And he practiced this philosophy in his personal life also,” he said.

Dr Ramvachan Rai ,said Prof Das was a man of vision. “He gave direction to the cultural scene of Bihar in the post-Independence period and shaped its mood with his relentless efforts,” he said. Prof Das remained unfazed by the fast pace of changes happening around him and continued to work for his mission for music till the end of his life.

Dr Pushpam Narayan said that with his relentless efforts and contributions in the realm of preservation and promotion of classical music traditions in Bihar,  Prof CL Das has created a milestone. “But in his entire effort in carrying forward the musical legacy of Bihar, the one person, his wife Savitri who extended him unconditional support and strength, must be given credit,” she said. Sushil Kumar said that he had the opportunity of being student of Prof Das. “He was an ideal teacher who used to motivate students to develop the love for music and culture. He used to tell us to attend music concerts to develop our musical sensibilities,” he said.  Prof Das evoked interest among students for good writing and listening music, he added.

Dr Rekha Das, who co-edited the book with Reena Sopam ,said that Prof CL Das was a multi-faceted personality and played leading role in giving a definite shape to the musical scene of Patna and Bihar in the post- Independence phases.

He was head of the English department at Commerce in Patna. But this was just one part of his life and personality. He became a disciple of Padma Vibhushan Ustad Allauddin Khan and was  credited to have brought Maihar gharana of instrumental music in Bihar. Not just that, he also pioneered music reviews in newspapers and magazines in Bihar, she added.

Talking about the book, the  Kalatrayee secretary, Dr Rama Das said  protagonist of the book is Patna. “We can find here memories of the events of Beghum Akhtar and the childhood days of Roshan Ara Beghum in Patna. Not just that memories of Ustad Allauddin Khan  Pt Ravi Shankar, Pt Bhimsen Joshi and Pt Ramchatur Mallick in Patna are also depicted in the book,” she said. Dr Rama said the book is a documentation of those events and personalities which have given cultural identity to Bihar and  continue to be its cultural face. The book has been designed by Syamal Das. Later the vote of thanks was proposed by Dr Reeta Das.


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  • February 25, 2023


    it's the description of the place and person that make the time a milestone. Like any other nook and corner Patna an old city of India is a place with some inconspicuous faces but with very strikingly lingering incidents and stories. very important and pulling writing.

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