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Rentokil Initial Hygiene India Launches Signature Scent: Redefining Ambient Solutions Across Industries

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Rentokil Initial Hygiene India Private Limited (RIHI), a globally trusted hygiene solutions provider, is delighted to announce the launch of its latest innovation: Signature Scent. This pioneering scenting solution heralds a new era in ambient enhancement, presenting businesses across diverse industries with an unparalleled opportunity to elevate the ambience of their spaces.

Unlike traditional scenting products confined to washroom spaces, Signature Scent by Initial Hygiene offers a versatile and sustainable option suitable for various environments, including retail outlets, hospitality venues, corporate offices, and more.

Signature Scent represents a fusion of captivating fragrances and sustainability, positioning it as the ultimate choice for businesses aiming to enhance their brand image and customer experience. With a steadfast commitment to delivering inviting atmospheres while minimising environmental impact, Signature Scent is set to redefine scenting solutions across industries. Signature Scent features a choice of three enchanting fragrances of different intensity levels, enabling businesses to create their preferred experience while helping to reduce unpleasant odours.

We believe that every space deserves to be transformed into an inviting oasis, and Signature Scent accomplishes precisely that,” stated Nishat Goyal, Chief Operating Officer at RIHI. “By providing a scenting solution that goes beyond washrooms and prioritises sustainability, we aim to empower businesses to create memorable experiences for their customers and employees. With our aerosol and propellant-free formulation and dedication to minimising environmental impact, Signature Scent not only enhances ambiences but also champions sustainable practices, aligning with businesses’ goals for a greener future.”

Key features of Signature Scent include patented vibrating mesh technology for long-lasting fragrance dispersion, a suite of enchanting fragrances tailored for various environments, and an environmentally friendly, aerosol-free formulation.

Initial Hygiene’s Signature Scent is poised to revolutionise the approach to ambient enhancement, offering businesses a solution that enhances brand reputation, fosters emotional connections, and cultivates customer loyalty.

For more information about Signature Scent by Initial Hygiene and how it can enhance your business environment, please visit




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