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Rebus Releases CloseoutSoft, a Tool for 360-Degree Construction Management and Project Closeout

Bangalore, Karnataka, India:  Rebus, an Engineering, Construction, and Project Management company based in the UAE, announced the launch of CloseoutSoft, an end-to-end construction planning and execution software to manage all construction processes until project closeout digitally.

“We want everyone to build the world beyond their client’s dreams. CloseoutSoft is here to enable this for every project delivery specialist everywhere.
It is the perfect solution for the perfect environment.”
– Francis Christy Boy, MD & CEO – Rebus
The features implemented for release in CloseoutSoft include:

Secure Submittals and Document Management:
Paperless submittals mean no need for physical storage space. Track and trace through the entire cycle is enabled.

In-built QA/QC Processes:
Design reviews and site assessments can be managed. Compliance statements are autogenerated, and they can be updated by any party involved.

Easy Handover Monitoring:
Enables the monitoring of construction progress room by room, review of T&C and functionality readiness for each sub-system.

Built-in Cost Control:
Total expense monitoring and recommendations help adjust plans to stay within the budget.

Easy and Complete Asset Management:
Asset register is built into the software that automatically gathers asset-related data from submittals.

Area Readiness Analysis:
Generates document references to enable verification of area readiness of every room.

Post-Construction Facility Management:
Built-in Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) schedule with resource loading and reactive maintenance logs are possible in CloseoutSoft.

The features planned for the next two years include:

  • Advancements in AI integration
  • Support for more third-party BIM tools
  • More advancements in cost control
  • Easier management of risk and compliance




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