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Randhir Verma U-19 Inter District Cricket Tournament From March 21; Schedule Announced

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Patna: Bihar Cricket Association (BCA) has announced the schedule of Randhir Verma Under-19 Inter District Cricket Tournament. The match will start from March 21. Matches will not be held on the first two days of Holi. After Holi, the competition will start again from March 28. A total of 38 teams are divided into five zones. Only the schedule of Shahabad zone has not been announced yet.

Moinul Haq Stadium of Patna will host the matches of Patliputra Zone, JP Sinha Stadium of Hajipur will host the matches of Western Zone, Jamui will host the matches of Angika Zone, Darbhanga will host the matches of Mithila Zone, Purnia will host the macthes of Seemanchal Zone, Begusarai will host the matches of Central Zone and Nalanda will host the matches of Magadh Zone.

Zone division of teams

Patilpatra Zone: Patna, Saran, Arwal, Vaishali.

Western Zone: East Champaran, West Champaran, Gopalganj, Siwan.

Angika Zone: Munger, Jamui, Lakhisarai, Bhagalpur, Banka.

Mithila Zone: Darbhanga, Sitamarhi, Supaul, Saharsa, Madhubani.

Seemanchal Zone: Purnia, Katihar, Kishanganj, Araria, Madhepura.

Central Zone: Samastipur, Khagaria, Begusarai, Muzaffarpur, Saharsa.

Magadha Zone: Nalanda, Gaya, Nawada, Sheikhpura, Jehanabad.

Shahabad Zone: Kaimur, Rohtas, Bhojpur, Buxar, Aurangabad.

Patliputra Zone (Moinul Haq Stadium)

March 21- Patna vs Saran

22 March: Arwal vs Saran

28 March: Patna vs Arwal

March 29: Patna vs Vaishali

30 March: Vaishali vs Arwal

31 March: Vaishali vs Saran

Western Zone (JP Sinha Cricket Stadium, Vaishali)

March 28: East Champaran vs West Champaran

March 29: East Champaran vs Siwan

March 30: Gopalganj vs West Champaran

April 1: Gopalganj vs East Champaran

2 April: Gopalganj vs Siwan

3 April: Siwan vs West Champaran

Angika Zone (Jamui)

March 21: Munger vs Jamui

March 22: Jamui vs Lakhisarai

28 March: Munger vs Lakhisarai

March 29: Bhagalpur vs Jamui

30 March: Bhagalpur vs Banka

31 March: Banka vs Lakhisarai

1 April: Bhagalpur vs Lakhisarai

April 2: Bhagalpur vs Munger

3 April: Banka vs Munger

5 April: Jamui vs Banka

Mithila Zone (Darbhanga)

March 28: Darbhanga vs Sheohar

29 arch: Sheohar vs Sitamarhi

30 March: Darbhanga vs Sitamarhi

April 1: Supaul vs Madhubani

April 2: Darbhanga vs Supaul

3 April: Shivhar vs Madhubani

5 April: Supaul vs Shivhar

6 April: Supaul vs Sitamarhi

7 April: Sitamarhi vs Madhubani

8 April: Darbhanga vs Madhubani

Seemanchal Zone (Purnia)

March 21: Purnia vs Katihar

22 March: Kishanganj vs Araria

28 March Araria vs Katihar

March 29: Katihar vs Madhepura

March 30: Kishanganj vs Madhepura

March 31: Purnia vs Kishanganj

April 1: Katihar vs Kishanganj

April 2: Purnia vs Araria

3 April: Madhepura vs Araria

5 April: Purnia vs Madhepura

Central Zone (Begusarai)

March 28: Samastipur vs Khagaria

March 29: Samastipur vs Saharsa

30 March: Begusarai vs Saharsa

April 1: Samastipur vs Begusarai

April 2: Samastipur vs Muzaffarpur

3 April: Muzaffarpur vs Khagaria

April 5: Muzaffarpur Bam Saharsa

6 April: Khagaria vs Saharsa

7 April: Muzaffarpur vs Begusarai

8 April: Begusarai vs Khagaria

 Magadha Zone (Nalanda)

March 28: Nalanda vs Gaya

March 29: Gaya vs Sheikhpura

30 March Nawada vs Sheikhpura

April 1: Nawada vs Jehanabad

2 April: Nalanda vs Jehanabad

3 April: Nawada vs Gaya

5 April: Gaya vs Jehanabad

6 April: Jehanabad vs Sheikhpura

7 April: Sheikhpura vs Nalanda

8 April: Nawada vs Nalanda

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