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Home News Ramotsav 2024: Yogi govt adorns streets of Ayodhya with plants and flowers

Ramotsav 2024: Yogi govt adorns streets of Ayodhya with plants and flowers

  • Ayodhya radiates divine splendor through beautification of Rampath and Dharampath
  • Forest dept officials are developing lush-green Ayodhya on the instructions of CM Yogi

By Our Correspondent

Ayodhya: As per Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s instructions, the Forest Department is decorating Ayodhya ahead of Ram Temple inauguration. The team is actively engaged in developing a lush green Ayodhya with all its major streets, whether it is Dharampath or Rampath, being decked up with plants and flowers to captivate beholders.

It is part of the Yogi government’s efforts to revive the grandeur of the Treta Yuga in Ayodhya. The Chief Minister himself is continuously visiting Ayodhya to stay informed about the developments taking place. In view of the upcoming consecration ceremony, he had recently reviewed the arrangements with the administration and departmental officers.

Rampath decorated with four-coloured bougainvillea

The Ram Path, connecting Saadatganj to the new ghat, has been beautified rapidly by the Forest Department. Along the three-kilometer stretch of the road median, Bougainvillea plants have been planted. The Ram Path has been adorned with four colors of Bougainvillea – pink, purple, white, and saffron.

Bougainvillea is enhancing the beauty of Dharmapath

On the two-kilometer stretch from Saket Petrol Pump to Lata Mangeshkar Chowk, Terrorojia and Bougainvillea have been planted on the median. This is adding to the beauty of the Dharmapath. The street is adorned with three varieties of Bougainvillea, pink, white, and purple. These three colors have also been planted on the side dividers.

Forest Dept enriches Nandan Forest

The Forest Department has established Nandan Van near the banks of the Sarayu River and Ram Ki Paidi. In this forest, various species of trees such as Peepal, Pakad, Kadamb, Gutel, and Jamun have been planted. Nandan Van is surrounded by barbed wires from all sides to protect plants and trees from monkeys and cattles.

Paths will look more beautiful in the coming years

DFO Shitanshu Pandey said that decorations have been done by the Forest Department on Rampath, Dharampath and Ram Janmabhoomi Path. Divider is being adorned with Bougainvillea. Currently, they have been decorated by planting saplings, as planting trees takes time. According to him, the streets will look even more beautiful two-three years hence with the maturing of the pink and yellow flowers.




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