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Ramotsav 2024: Saga of Development of Ayodhya

  • Yogi govt completes renovation & development works worth Rs 105.65 cr to give Ram Ki Paidi a new & grand look
  • Ram Ki Paidi has great historical & mythological significance
  • Yogi govt rejuvenates Ram ki Paidi that struggled for existence during previous governments
  • Ancient temples of Ayodhya witness increase in number of devotees after rejuvenation of Ram Ki Paidi

By Our Correspondent

Ayodhya, January 13: The Yogi government has completed various restoration and development projects worth Rs. 105.65 crores, to enhance the beauty of Ram Ki Paidi and give it a new and grand form. The Ram Ki Paidi not only has great historical and mythological significance for being connected to ancient Ayodhya, but also plays a crucial role in the glory of ‘Navya Ayodhya’.

Notably, Ram Ki Paidi, despite its historical significance, faced neglect for years and struggled for existence during previous governments. However, its development and beautification carried out by the double-engine government marked a new chapter in the glory of Ayodhya.

Lord Ram himself had told Lakshman about the glory of Paidi

It is believed that Lord Ram used to go through this Paidi to take bath in Sarayu river. Once, when Lakshmana expressed his desire to visit all the pilgrimage sites, Lord Ram stood on the banks of the Sarayu River in Ayodhya and said that anyone who took bath at that place in the river before sunrise would receive the same merit as visiting all the pilgrimage sites.

It is said that the place on the banks of the Sarayu River where Lord Ram made this statement is known as Ram Ki Paidi. This is why taking a bath here on the full moon day is considered of special significance, and those who bathe here receive the merit of visiting all the pilgrimage sites.

Ram Ki Paidi today stands transformed as compared to prior to 2017

Before 2017, Ram Ki Paidi was totally neglected with no significant developments worth the name carried out. The last major restoration work took place in 1985. However, when Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath took a resolution to restore Ayodhya to its ancient glory, Ram Ki Paidi underwent a remarkable and divine transformation.

Not only that, but the ancient temples of Ayodhya, including the Nageshwar Nath Temple, Chandrahari Temple, Vishnu Hari Temple, and Sarayu Temple, have also witnessed a substantial increase in the number of devotees.

Swami Krishna Kantacharya, the Chairman of the Shri Chandrahari Mahadev Temple Trust, highlighted that the Yogi government has not only beautified Ram Ki Paidi, but has also paid attention to its divine form as mentioned in the scriptures. According to him, no other Chief Ministers could have accomplished the restoration and transformation of Ram Ki Paidi and Ayodhya in such a magnificent way as CM Yogi has done.

These initiatives have made Ram Ki Paidi special

1) Pump House Reconstruction: Reconstruction of the pump house at Ram Ki Paidi at a cost of Rs 24.81 crore helped in maintaining the water level in the artificial channel.

2) Channel Re-Construction: With an expenditure of Rs 56.03 crores, the reconstruction of Part B of the channel process has been completed. Several barrages have been constructed in the entire channel to help maintain the water level. Additionally, the construction and restoration of concrete ghats have been completed.

3) Mural Art Painting: The walls at Ram Ki Paidi are also being decorated through mural art, in which people are pleasantly surprised to see the charming depiction of mythological events and characters including the events of the Ramayana.

4) Light and Sound Show: A large projector screen has been installed between Bharat and Shatrughn Ghats, allowing thousands of people to enjoy a grand light and laser show.

5) Electronic Displays: Large electronic displays have been placed at various locations on the ghats, showcasing Ramayana composed by Ramanand. Additionally, these displays are used for spreading awareness about devotional songs and government schemes.

6) Cultural Area: There is also a special cultural space on the ghat which serves as an open air theatre. Various cultural programs will also be staged here between January 15 and January 22.

7) Solar Vintage Lighting: Ram Ki Paidi has been lit with Victorian vintage themed arch and LED lamps using solar panels, which gives a spectacular look to the entire pavement including the ghat. Apart from this, facade lighting has also been done on the ghat which provides a modern touch.

8) Grand Fountain Display: A grand fountain has also been installed in the Saryu channel of Ram Ki Paidi through pump houses installation which provides a grand and relaxing ambiance through attractive lighting decoration and sound synchronization.




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