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Home News Ramotsav 2024: Ayodhya to be equipped with 200 TPD solid waste management facility

Ramotsav 2024: Ayodhya to be equipped with 200 TPD solid waste management facility

  • As per CM Yogi’s vision, solid waste management facility to be set up to accelerate waste disposal
  • Ayodhya Municipal Corporation initiates the process, new plant to work as per zero waste discharge pattern
  • Waste disposal to be facilitated through wet waste processing, dry waste processing, and sanitary landfills

By Our Correspondent

Ayodhya: In line with Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s vision to develop Ayodhya as the most beautiful and cleanest city, the Ayodhya Municipal Corporation has started the process of establishing a Solid Waste Management Facility with the capacity of handling 200 tonnes per day (TPD) of the waste generated.

The establishment of the plant is part of the implementation of the action plan for efficient management of waste disposal and solid waste management in Ayodhya, which was approved by CM Yogi.

As part of this initiative, the establishment and operation of the Solid Waste Management facility for a period of seven years will be carried out through agencies and contractors.

Notably, the duration of this project may be extended for an additional four years based on performance, and it will involve the complete disposal of waste in accordance with a zero-waste discharge pattern through processes such as wet waste processing, dry waste processing, and sanitary landfills.

Landfill arrangements will be completed within the site

According to the action plan prepared by Ayodhya Municipal Corporation, a waste management facility will be established for both wet and dry waste, adhering to the standards of the Swachh Bharat Mission. This includes the establishment of a sanitary landfill within the site. This facility will be set up in Pikhrauli, Ayodhya, and applications have been invited through the Request for Proposal (RFP) process to complete the waste management processes. The establishment of this facility will be aligned with zero-waste discharge procedures, emphasizing not only waste disposal but also recycling processes.

Recycled products and by-products to be brought into commercial use

The completion of the process of utilizing recycled waste products and byproducts in various positive activities will be emphasized in the facility. Under this, emphasis will also be laid on the search and development process for economic gain by determining the market for commercial use and sale of these products and by-products. This is essential because such an approach will eliminate the need to store these products and byproducts on-site for more than 45 days. Consequently, the agency generating revenue from the sale of these products and byproducts will be responsible for revenue generation activities, and it will be required to regularly share details of revenue creation and other information with the Ayodhya Municipal Corporation.




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