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Home News Ramotsav 2024: AI surveillance and anti-mine drones ensuring security at Ayodhya Dham

Ramotsav 2024: AI surveillance and anti-mine drones ensuring security at Ayodhya Dham

  • Security strengthened in Ayodhya Dham following CM Yogi’s directives
  • Mines and explosives inside the ground can be detected and deactivated through drones

By Our Correspondent

Ayodhya: The Yogi government has implemented robust security measures in Ayodhya, combining the deployment of forces with cutting-edge technology to ensure comprehensive safety.

Ayodhya is now under the watchful eye of drones equipped with artificial intelligence, alongside the utilization of anti-mine drones, as part of the concerted efforts to enhance security in the region.

While AI-supported drones are conducting aerial surveillance across Ayodhya, promptly reporting any detected suspicious activity to the control room, anti-mine drones are simultaneously inspecting the ground for mines or explosives.

Notably, CM Yogi has directed police officers to implement these security measures in Ayodhya. As part of this initiative, the UP Police has introduced AI-based anti-mine drones for deployment.

Anti mines drones will search for explosives even under the ground

Operating at a height of one meter above the ground, the anti-mine drone is equipped with advanced technology for detecting underground explosives. There is a plate below it which is helpful in spectrometer wavelength detection. Employing this technology, the drone identifies explosives hidden beneath the surface.

This drone scans the area under the ground. Through this drone, mines or explosives can be detected and neutralized in large areas.




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