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  • Ramotsav 2024: 2500 folk artistes to perform on 100 stages in Ayodhya on January 22

Ramotsav 2024: 2500 folk artistes to perform on 100 stages in Ayodhya on January 22

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  • 25 Ramlila performances of Uttar Pradesh and 10 of other states to be presented
  • Over 5,000 artists from across India and globe to perform in Ayodhya over a period of 70 days

By Our Correspondent

Ayodhya, January 13: The Culture Department is making extensive preparations for the Consecration ceremony to be held in Ayodhya on January 22.To make the event unique and unforgettable, 2, 500 folk artistes will perform on 100 stages in Ayodhya on January 22.

Besides, over 5000 artistes from across the country and the world the state will perform in Ayodhya over a period of 70 days from January 14 till March 24.

Artistes from over 15 countries will stage Ramlila during this period. Also, 25 Ramlila troupes from Uttar Pradesh and 10 from other states will showcase the grandeur of the Tretayug through their performances.

On January 22, Lord Ram will be seated in his divine and majestic temple by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The PM will be accorded a grand welcome on the occasion. For the performance on 100 stages by 2500 artistes on January 22, a rehearsal will take place on January 21. Additionally, artistes at many other locations will spread the fragrance of Indian culture through their performances.

Artistes will perform at 10 places for 70 days

Notably, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had directed officials to provide a platform for both new talents and established artistes to perform.

Over 5,000 artistes will perform at 10 public locations over a period of 70 days. The finalized locations for the cultural programs include Bharatkund, Suryakund, Guptar Ghat, Jhunki Ghat, Badi Devkali, Gulabbadi, Ramghat Halt- Saptarangi Bridge, near Saket Petrol Pump, Parag Dairy, and near Ayodhya Dham Railway Station.

The entire India will be seen in Ayodhya

In Ayodhya, artists from Uttar Pradesh and other states will participate. In Tulsi Udyan, Haryana’s Rakesh Ganguli will present Shiv Stuti, Odisha’s Ashok Behera will present Shriram Natya, Maharashtra’s Yashwant Madhav, Tamil Nadu’s T.S. Morgan, and Punjab’s Jaswant Singh will present Jhumar. The team led by K.S. Satyanarayana from Karnataka will present a Bal Yatra of the entire Ramayana. In addition to this, there will be presentations by many other artistes as well.

Malini Awasthi, Ravi Kishan, Kanhaiya Mittal will also perform on Jan 22

Padma Shri Malini Awasthi, MP and film actor Ravi Kishan from Gorakhpur, and Kanhaiya Mittal, will present their performances on the evening of January 22 from 5 to 8 PM. Malini Awasthi and Ravi Kishan’s program will take place at Tulsi Udyan. On Ram Ki Paidi, Sharma Brothers from Ujjain and Kanhaiya Mittal from Chandigarh will present their performances. Ram Katha Park in Nagpur will witness a presentation by the Watekar Sisters.


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