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ProDoor Range of Aluminium Profiles by Hafele

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Bangalore, Karnataka, India

In the world of design, trends change and evolve continuously with new innovation and technology. Keeping up with them and bringing to you the latest, technologically advanced and price-competent solutions for your home interiors is what we at Hafele strive to achieve. Kitchen as an area of the house, especially with many now opting for contemporary layouts that foster openness and community building activities among family members, often attracts the potential for constant innovation through the ever-evolving usage patterns and the ever-changing definitions of functionality and ergonomics.

Hafele introduces a new collection – ProDoor under its Aluminium Profiles Range that will enable you to visualise your furniture as a canvas and will let you play around with fittings, bringing to you the possibility of achieving trends such as handle-less doors, adaptive colour schemes, vintage-inspired contemporary designs and clean door designs with no visible hardware.

Hafele’s ProDoor Range attempts to provide you with an array of profile systems for constructing cabinet doors that flawlessly complement the overall design aesthetics of not only the kitchen but also other living spaces of your home and have the potential of upgrading them to their most contemporary version yet. The range comprises of Match Door, Plusch Door, Klar Door and Wardrobe Rail. These door systems are available in two classic finishes, Brushed Stainless Steel for silent sophistication and Brushed Black for a hint of dramatic flair.

Match Door: For an overall clean and immaculate kitchen appearance, people are increasingly opting for handle less kitchens. Handle-less solutions ensure that the kitchen interiors are completely clear with seamless visuals of cabinet and drawer fronts. Match Door Profiles transform this vision beautifully into a reality. Fundamental in style and providing you with the option of customisation, these profiles offer you the freedom of working with the colour and tonality of your kitchen, creating it as per your imagination.

Match Door ProDoor Range of Aluminium Profiles by Hafele

Plusch Door: Plusch Door from the ProDoor Range goes one step beyond your conventional profiles. Multiple design schemes depending on the vision you are going for are now possible! With Plusch Door Profiles, you can experiment with different materials for the cabinet doors and drawer fronts like veneer, glass, metal sheets and ultra-compact stone surfaces like Dekton to create visually stunning interiors while keeping the door weight light. All the hardware and screws are hidden conveniently behind the décor material from the front while a thin back panel slid into the frame from the inside seals the hollow cavity created by the profiles, leaving you with flawless-looking furniture doors. The back panel colour can be matched to the cabinet interiors in order to create seamless aesthetics.

Klar Door: Hafele has the right product for every area of your home. Klar Door creates smart and elegant looking cabinet systems and can be used in multiple areas of your home. Perfect for wall units, wardrobes, bar cabinets, etc., the unique structure of the profile helps create vintage-inspired contemporary designs with the handle running along all sides. It is a versatile profile that not only is apt for your kitchens but also seamlessly extends the kitchen design to adjoining multipurpose living spaces. Klar Door can also be clubbed with Hafele’s Wardrobe Accessories to create sophisticated wardrobes or storage solutions. Complementing the Klar Door are Klar Door Hinges especially designed for their slim form. This hinge enables soft closing of the door for silent operation.

Wardrobe Rail: The Wardrobe Rail is a valuable addition to Häfele’s Wardrobe Accessories range and fits in perfectly with wardrobes made with the Klar Door or Plusch Door Profiles. Available in the same two finishes of Brushed Stainless Steel and Black, the wardrobe rail complements the other profiles in this range. It comes with a provision to install LED Strip Lights and diffusers offering ambient/functional lighting inside your wardrobes.

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