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Pre-2014 era marked a ‘dark age’ in the country, says UP CM Yogi Adityanath

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath addresses a public meeting in Chandauli

CM Yogi inaugurates/lays foundation stone of 78 development projects worth Rs 743 crore

Chandauli will no longer be an aspirational district, but a developed district: Chief Minister

Chandauli’s Medical College reflects the strength of the double engine government: Yogi

Chandauli district was formed 27 years ago, previous governments did not provide tehsil building or police line: CM

By Our Correspondent

Chandauli: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, on Saturday, drew a comparison between India before Prime Minister Narendra Modi took over in 2014 and after to highlight the transformation witnessed in the country in the recent years.

He characterized the pre-2014 era as a ‘dark age’ and contrasted it with the emergence of a ‘New India’ under the current leadership.

Addressing a public meeting organized in Rampur Machiya on Saturday, the Chief Minister said, “There was an atmosphere of distrust, declining respect for Indians, a string of scams, and widespread anarchy. Naxalism, and extremism prevailed across the country.

However, he highlighted the transformation, stating, “But, the India you are witnessing today is a New India. Security is guaranteed here, culture is being promoted and the nation is achieving unprecedented economic prosperity.”

On this occasion, the CM inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of 78 development projects worth Rs 743 crore. He expressed confidence that, under Prime Minister Modi’s third term, India is poised to become the world’s third-largest power.

CM Yogi emphasized that the double-engine government would prioritize the welfare of the youth and uphold the trust of the citizens. “It is the result of the strength of the government that the medical college is ready in Chandauli.”

Attacking the previous governments, he highlighted that despite the Chandauli district being established in 1997, essential infrastructure such as a police line and residential and non-residential buildings for the tehsil was not provided even after 27 years. “Today, the foundation stone for the construction of residential and non-residential buildings is being laid here in Police Lines. Now Chandauli will have its own police line. Additionally, residential and non-residential buildings in Naugarh tehsil are inaugurated, along with a pump station for Annadata farmers. Significant infrastructure projects are underway,” he declared.

Asserting that Chandauli would no longer be categorized as an aspirational district, the CM emphasized, “Instead, it will be recognized among the developed districts of the state. Chandauli is poised to become a significant industrial hub and a developed district of Uttar Pradesh.”

CM Yogi said that funds have been allocated for the construction of the District Court in Chandauli, and the construction work will commence once permission is obtained from the High Court.

Discussing the establishment of the medical college in Chandauli under the One District One Medical College initiative, he remarked that the prospect of a medical college in Chandauli was once unimaginable. However, today, with the college ready, its benefits will extend not only to the people of Chandauli but also to those in Bihar.

He said that respecting the faith and heritage, the medical college of Chandauli has been named after Baba Keenaram ji. “Through his spiritual practice and achievements, Baba Keenaram Ji paved the way for public welfare without any discrimination,” he remarked. Chandauli, blessed by nature and divinity, holds significance as a major food grain producer in the state.

The Chief Minister urged the people to support Dr. Mahendra Nath Pandey, the official BJP candidate for the Chandauli seat in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. He emphasized that development can only occur when public representatives possess courage and determination.

During the event, the Chief Minister distributed symbolic checks and certificates to beneficiaries of various schemes. Also present at the gathering were Chandauli MP and Union Minister Dr. Mahendra Nath Pandey, State Cabinet Minister Anil Rajbhar, Minister in-charge Sanjeev Kumar Gaur, Rajya Sabha MP Darshana Singh, Sadhna Singh, MLA Sushil Singh, as well as Ramesh Jaiswal, Kailash Acharya, District President Kashi Nath Singh, and officials from the BJP.




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