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  • Prashant Kishore explains three-point formula to defeat BJP in Lok Sabha polls  

Prashant Kishore explains three-point formula to defeat BJP in Lok Sabha polls  

Jan Surarj leader Prashant Kishore
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By Vishwapti

Patna: Jan Suraj leader Prashant Kishore claimed on Sunday that the BJP may be defeated. This is hardly an invincible party. During the press conference, in response to a question about the BJP, he stated that there are four major reasons for the party’s success. The first is philosophy, sometimes known as Hindutva, the second is nationalism, the third is the beneficiaries, and the fourth is their organisational and financial power.

I told you that if you want to beat the BJP, any party, leader, or alliance must break through three of its four forts.

I am also working with the same formula. We must ensure that Bihar and its people triumph. We do not need to beat BJP. The BJP has won and lost in Bihar.
The people of Bihar’s plight remains unchanged. Lalu and Nitish have won and lost in Bihar. Congress has both triumphed and lost.

We witnessed the UPA and NDA governments for ten years. Despite this, migration from Bihar continues, and poverty has not been erased, he said.

You’ve seen the Congress reign for 40 years, as well as the BJP, Nitish, and Lalu. Despite this, the situation has not improved. Development is impossible unless the root cause of the problem is identified and corrected, he remarked.

People in Bihar experience issues for five years, but on election day, they forget about them and vote based on caste and religion, he pointed out.

At a press conference in Benipatti. Madhubani, Prashant Kishor stated that the tendency of the people here is to suffer with their problems for 5 years, fight, sing, and be anxious, but when it comes time to vote, everything changes. Forgetting the problems, in the name of caste and religion, they vote for BJP out of fear of Lalu and for Lalu out of fear of BJP. Therefore, your problem is not solved. He said that the day people here will stop falling prey to BJP. When the people will understand BJP’s game of “Zumlebaji”, BJP will stop getting votes.

The author is senior journalist based in Patna


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