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POND’S Serum Boost Sunscreen Range is The Latest Sun Expert in Town

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

POND’S, a 150-year-old legacy skincare brand, is known for providing solutions for daily skin care needs of women. To fight the harsh weather conditions, POND’S has introduced its Serum-Boost Sunscreen Range that is enriched with SPF & Niacinamide-C. While much has been spoken about the need to shield one’s skin, as a result of the country’s tropical geographies and climate, a lesser-known fact is that the sun can also cause dark patches and pigmentation if one steps out without applying a protectant on the skin.

Adding sunscreen to your daily skincare regime becomes imperative to prevent the penetration of the harsh UVA and UVB rays of the sun that could lead towards damaging the skin if not addressed early. Additionally, a common myth is that tanning is claimed to be easily reversible. In most instances, it tends to leave behind dull skin with dark patches that can be challenging to get rid of.

Formulated by the POND’S Institute, the Serum-Boost Sunscreen Range comes in three variants in travel size and regular size, that are non-oily, don’t leave behind a white cast and fades the dark patches created by sun exposure. Choose from three formulations, that can be moulded basis what your skin requires:

  • POND’S Serum-Boost Lightweight Sunscreen with SPF 35 and SPF 55
  • The SPF 35 variant is available in options of 15g and 50g
  • The SPF 55 variant is available in options of 50g and 100g
  • POND’S Serum-Boost Invisible Gel Sunscreen with SPF 50 for 50g and 100g
  • Introducing our first sunscreen in serum formulation POND’S Serum-Boost Sun Serum with SPF 50 for 15ml

Here’s why you should keep an eye out for the Serum-Boost Sunscreen Range, whether you’re just being introduced to the world of sun care or are on the lookout for a new sunscreen, these benefits might just convince you to take the plunge.

  • Clinically proven to prevent and fade dark patches in 4 weeks^
  • The formulation is non-oily, leaves no white cast, it is ultra-light and absorbs quick into the skin
  • Comes with Niacinamide-C which helps in fading these stubborn dark patches
  • Fades hyperpigmentation caused by the sun and gives your skin an even glow
  • Protects from sun-damage and dark patches and brightens skin with its ability to shield 97% of UV rays

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Tips to get youthful, nourished skin by incorporating sunscreen in your daily skincare routine:

  • Use the two-finger technique to apply the product, to ensure that the right quantity is absorbed on your skin and can protect you from harmful UV rays.
  • Apply your sun protectant at least 30 minutes before you step out into the sun
  • Don’t forget your neck and decolletage! An often-ignored area of the skin when using sunscreen, its vital to extend the application beyond just your face and to any exposed portions of skin.




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