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Polymateria Receives Prestigious FICCI Circular Technology Disruptors Award

Delhi: At a ceremony in Delhi on January 11, 2024, Polymateria was honoured to receive the Technology Disruptors award at the 4th Edition of the FICCI Circular Economy Awards 2024.

Introduced to recognize the effort put in the Circular Economy space by industry and individuals that have made notable contributions and brought in a change through their innovation and strategy[1], FICCI has recognized Polymateria for its innovative technology dedicated to addressing global plastic pollution crisis.

Polymateria is the first company in the world to prove scientifically that you can take the most likely sources of leaked plastic waste and return them to nature without creating microplastics and harming the natural environment, while remaining compatible with recycling systems at scale.

Receiving the award on behalf of Polymateria from Amitabh Kant, Deepti Gupta, Head for Growth & Partnerships at Polymateria, said: “We are truly humbled to receive this award from FICCI. Polymateria is committed to pushing boundaries and driving innovation in sustainable packaging to tackle one of world’s biggest environment challenges at scale.”

“I want to express my gratitude to our partners & clients for their support and to Polymateria’s amazing team for their continued excellence. This recognition only motivates us further to continue our journey of making a positive impact.”

Polymateria’s technology works through a process called Biotransformation. The technology activates when plastic containing the technology is exposed to nature, which causes the plastic to biotransform into a bioavailable wax. The wax attracts microorganisms like bacteria and fungi which safely digest it and return it to nature without harm. This process of full biodegradation happens in under 2 years and in many cases much faster.

The technology is tailored for a range of products, such as flexible polyethylene bags, films, and wraps, as well as rigid polypropylene products like cups, cutlery and straws – the most common plastic applications to pollute the environment.

With infinite scalability, Polymateria aims to tackle the 32% of plastics which end up in nature each year globally.




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