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Passenger Amenities Committee Takes Stock of Passenger Facilities in Malda Division of Eastern Railway

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By Avijit Biswas

Bhagalpur: The Passenger Amenities Committee (PAC) of railways inspected number of stations of Malda division of Eastern Railway during last two days for assessing available amenities at railway stations.

The visit of committee assumes significance in light of the fact the recommendations of the committee would matter in future plan for creation of new facilities and upgrading existing facilities for passengers at railway stations.

A high level inspection committee, PAC has been constituted by railway board for identifying deficiencies and suggesting measures for augmenting passenger amenities.

The committee inspected Barharwa, Kahalgaon, Sahibganj, Shivnarayanpur, and Vikramshila stations on Tuesday this week. Earlier on Monday this week Jamalpur, Munger, Sultanganj and Bhagalpur stations were inspected by committee members.

Absence of urinals on platforms, inadequate number of fans under sheds, insufficient sitting and drinking water arrangement for passengers in platforms were some of the common deficiencies identified by committee following inspection.

For inspection of passenger amenities at different stations of division on daily basis, constitution of Station Inspection Groups (SIGs) by Vikas Chowbey, divisional railway manager drew appreciation of committee members. The SIG’s constituted for different stations functions under direct supervision of divisional railway manager.

Interacting with media persons in course of inspection, the committee members briefed about recently announced Amrit Bharat Railway Scheme of railways. The committee members following completion of inspection yesterday held meeting with top divisional officials including divisional railway manager at divisional headquarter.

As per information at meeting with officials the committee members by and large expressed satisfaction over available passenger amenities at stations they had inspected. However they stressed upon upgrading existing amenities and creation of new amenities for extending better facilities to passengers.

The PAC included Ajay Kumar Yadav, Abhijit Das (Bobby), Ram Kumar Pahan , Bichitra Narayan Kalita, Sunil Ram, Dilip Kumar Mallick and Parshuram Mahato. Sujit Kumar, ADRM, Pawan Kumar, Senior DCM were among officials present at meeting with PAC members. The meeting was chaired by divisional railway manager.

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