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  •  Parmjeet Kumar Wins Gold for India at Para-Powerlifting World Championships

 Parmjeet Kumar Wins Gold for India at Para-Powerlifting World Championships

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Dubai: A remarkable achievement in Indian sports history, Parmjeet Kumar has claimed the gold medal in the Senior Category of the World Championships in para-powerlifting. This special victory not only adds to India’s impressive winning record but also marks India’s first-ever gold at the esteemed World Championships. Paramjeet Kumar, who had previously won a bronze in the 2021 World Championships, has now reached the top, showing he’s a true trailblazer for Indian sports.

Competing in the up to 49 kg total event, Punjab’s Parmjeet Kumar showed incredible strength and determination. He successfully lifted 150 kg, 155 kg, and 157 kg, totaling an impressive 462 kg. This outstanding performance was better than his competitor Morales Gonzalez from Colombia, who won the silver medal by lifting a total of 444 kg.

With happiness and excitement, Parmjeet Kumar shared his joy about upgrading his medal to the prestigious gold. He highlighted how important this medal is and how he’s proven he’s among the best in the world. Looking ahead with confidence, he talked about his upcoming challenges, including the Asian Games 2023 and the Paris Paralympics.

Nitin Arya, the Team Leader, highlighted their strategy of encouraging athletes to give their personal best and to release any pressure before entering the event. This approach seems to have paid off remarkably well.

JP Singh, the main coach, said that the whole team’s success came from working together. He emphasized how important teamwork was in winning these amazing medals.

The entire country is celebrating with Paramjeet Kumar for this incredible victory that has made India proud on the global stage of para-powerlifting.



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