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Paree Sanitary Pads Expands Its Premium Product Portfolio with The New Entrant – “Paree Super Nights”

  • Brand Ambassador Janhvi Kapoor takes to social media talking about Paree Super Nights Pads and how every girl deserves a super night.

Hyderabad:  Paree Sanitary Pads, a homegrown brand by Soothe Healthcare has expanded its premium product portfolio by foraying into the premium nights category with its latest offering Paree Super Nights. The brand recognizes modern Indian women’s needs and offers a solution for young urban women who struggle to rest well during their periods.

Paree Super Nights is a game-changer in the feminine hygiene space. And with this product, the brand aims to further establish and strengthen its presence pan India. Owning the Heavy Flow Champion claim, the product comes in XXL size equipped with unique Double Feathers feature which offer 64% Extra Coverage ensuring leakage protection for comfortable and peaceful period nights. This product addresses period night challenges – leakage & staining worries, discomfort, and disrupted sleep with precision, promising unparalleled overnight protection.

“Paree Sanitary Pads, as a brand, is committed to addressing the challenges women face during their periods with innovative feminine hygiene solutions. Our continuous research and development efforts are centered on creating products that effectively tackle real and prevalent period-related issues. The launch of Paree Super Nights is a significant achievement for our brand, aiming to cater to women across pan India. This premium offering is designed to meet the needs of women nationwide, providing comfort during their menstrual cycle.” said Mr. Sahil Dharia, Founder & CEO, Soothe Healthcare.

The brand ambassador Janhvi Kapoor took it to her social media (LINK) where she encourages everyone to “Sleep Tight with Paree Super Nights,” asserting that every night deserves to be nothing short of super.

To ensure accessibility, Paree Super Nights will be available at major online platforms and retail outlets across India. This strategic distribution plan aims to make the product easily accessible to women seeking a reliable and high-quality night pad.





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