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  • One Electric Launches 3 EV Models for B2B Market in India and 10 Countries in Asia, Europe & Africa

One Electric Launches 3 EV Models for B2B Market in India and 10 Countries in Asia, Europe & Africa

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Focus on Bike Taxi, Last Mile Deliveries and affordable City Commuter segments

New Delhi, Delhi, India

One Electric today announced the launch of 2 electric motorcycles and 1 electric scooter model which are completely designed, developed and made in India with design patents pending. The company claims to be the first to develop and launch multiple indigenous electric two-wheeler models in India.

These 3 models will be sold in volume for India and African markets, while the company is starting its initial market research & testing in South East Asia, Americas and Europe.

Along with these 3 models, we are also coming out with a low speed model for short distance deliveries under 5 km, priced under Rs 39,000/- with an 80 Km range and 25 kmph top speed. Customers and B2B companies from around the world can now register their interest on our website.”

Based on our market data, our products are suitable for other international markets as is, or with drive train modifications,” shares Gaurav Uppal, CEO of One Electric. “For example in Europe where the speed is limited to under 60 kmph in central parts of major cities, our XR model is ideal for last mile delivery operations. However, for the South East Asian markets, we will require our bigger power train to be integrated on this same platform with top speed of 80 Kmph. Furthermore, our V2 and Sport models are also a good option for Americas and Europe.”


Abhijeet Shah, COO One Electric adds, “For USA and Europe we are also working on a bigger motor power options of upto 10 Kwh, to provide 65 Miles Per Hour continuous speed option. However we plan our major focus on drive trains under 5kw power , and the 10 Kw will see limited push.”

The companies flagship electric motorcycle, KRIDN, is already in B2B operations in India and multiple countries in Africa. With the addition of XR model and low speed model, their B2B portfolio expands to cover lower priced segments as well.

Gaurav Uppal further shares, “We are planning to work with select B2B partners in India for our commercial operations and also have very selected dealers for the consumer segment in the coming year. For our global operations we are in process of finding suitable partners who share similar core values to represent us in different countries.”

These 4 models complete our portfolio to cover large market segments across the globe and now our focus is to build the highest quality products and scale operations. This is in line with our vision of becoming a global player by 2025,” says Abhijeet.

The company will be hosting a launch and demo day for the Media, select B2B companies and dealers in July 2023.

–Press release through NewsVoir


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