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Narrow in for Jehanabad in BCA Senior Cricket Tournament

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Patna: In the match played at the local Moinul Haq Stadium under Pool A of the BCA Senior Cricket Tournament, Jehanabad defeated Gopalganj by one wicket in its first match.

Jehanabad won the toss and invited Gopalganj to bat. Batting first, Gopalganj scored 211 runs after losing all the wickets in 48 overs. On behalf of Gopalganj, Aryan Raj scored 45, Vikas Chaudhary scored 60, Utkarsh Singh scored 24, Prashant Singh scored 24, Aditya Kumar Pandey scored 18 runs. Extras contributed 16 runs.

For Jehanabad, Shashi Shekhar took 2 wickets for 47 runs, Shiv Raj took 2 wickets for 24 runs, Kumar Shrey took 2 wickets for 40 runs. Suraj Rathore, Gautam Bhagwat and Aditya Prakash took one wicket each.

In reply, Jehanabad won the match by scoring 212 runs for nine wickets in 41.2 overs. Dishant Mishra scored 48, Trinav Kumar scored 40, Deepu Sharma scored 16, Himanshu Sharma scored 19, Jitin Kumar Yadav scored 25, Kumar Shrey scored 25 runs. Extras contributed 34 runs.

On behalf of Gopalganj, Amod Yadav took 2 wickets for 40 runs, Prashant Srivastava took 3 wickets for 26 runs. Anubhav Srivastava, Rahul Raj Giri and Utkarsh Singh took 1 wicket each.

Brief score

Gopalganj: All out for 211 runs in 48 overs Aryan Raj 45, Vikas Chaudhary 60, Utkarsh Singh 24, Prashant Singh 24, Aditya Kumar Pandey 18, extra 16, Shashi Shekhar 2/47, Shiv Raj 2/24, Suraj Rathore 1/2. 35, Gautam Bhagwat 1/23, Kumar Shrey 2/40, Aditya Prakash 1/16

Jehanabad: 212 runs for nine wickets in 41.2 overs, Dishant Mishra 48, Trinav Mishra 40, Deepu Sharma 16, Himanshu Sharma 19, Jitin Kumar Yadav 25, Kumar Shrey 25, extras 34, Amod Yadav 2/40, Prashant Srivastava 3/26, Anubhav Srivastava 1/34, Rahul Raj Giri 1/22, Utkarsh Singh 1/27


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