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MONIN to Put India’s Coffee Baristas on the Global map

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New Delhi, Delhi, India

International flavor giant, MONIN, has announced the MONIN Coffee Creativity Cup (MCCC)-a competition to find the most innovative, progressive, and creative coffee mocktail designed by industry professionals.

The competition began on 19th July 2023 in Delhi and will move to Mumbai and Bengaluru for the other two regionals on July 27, and August 1 respectively. For the first round, 10-15 participants at each regional will compete to create an innovative espresso-based mocktail that enhances and appeals to all five senses-sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch. Each contestant will then be marked on how well they incorporate the experience of the five senses in their drink.

A total of 10 contestants from all three regionals will move forward to the Finale, which will take place on August 3 in Bengaluru. The winner will then represent India at the Global Finals in Malaysia and get an all-expenses paid trip to Malaysia.

The jury will consist of Coffee Trainers, Influencers in the Coffee Industry, Barista Champions, and key people from the F&B Industry. The regionals will have 3 jury members for each city while the National final will have 4 jury members.

Shedding more light on the event, Germain Araud, Managing Director, MONIN India, said, “We are very excited to bring together the coffee community in India and give them a chance to represent India on a global platform. It is a way for MONIN to support the growth and development of the current generation of coffee professionals and baristas and acknowledge the growth of the coffee channel in India & the Asia-Pacific region.”

MONIN has been involved in promoting new talent in India through various such events every year and this year they are focusing on the baristas’ craft(wo)manship. The competition is not just a way to celebrate people’s love for coffee in the country, but to also help in the growth and development of the entire coffee community.


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