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  • MDIndia Health Insurance TPA Announces Major Expansion and New State-of-the-Art Branch Opening in Mumbai

MDIndia Health Insurance TPA Announces Major Expansion and New State-of-the-Art Branch Opening in Mumbai

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

MDIndia Health Insurance TPA, a prominent player in third-party administration (TPA) of health insurance and a staunch believer in providing exceptional “CARE” to its customers, is thrilled to announce the significant expansion and opening of a new state-of-the-art branch at Ballard Estate, Fort, Mumbai. This strategic move aims to enhance the customer experience and journey for its growing Mumbai clientele by adding highly skilled, experienced, and competent staff to its team.

Mr. Sameer Bhonsale, Chief Operating Officer of MDIndia, said, “Our expansion in Mumbai is a testament to our commitment to delivering world-class services to our customers. The new branch will enable us to cater to the increasing demand for efficient and reliable health insurance support in the region. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to extend bespoke services and genuinely care for our customers, especially during critical times such as hospitalization.”

Mr. Rajnish Sharma, MD of MDIndia, added, “As we continue to grow, our focus remains on ensuring a seamless and efficient claim settlement process for the insured. The new Mumbai branch is a significant milestone in MDIndia’s growth story, and we remain fully dedicated to making healthcare accessible and affordable for all.

MDIndia has an impressive track record in processing cashless authorization claims swiftly. More than 40% of cashless authorization claims are processed within half an hour, and nearly 80% within an hour. The Company is also set to launch a system for near zero-minute approvals for cashless claims where possible, demonstrating its commitment to customer satisfaction.

The Company offers a host of economical, value-added services, including tele-consultation, e-pharmacy, cashless OPD, and health camps, all at discounted prices with rapid turnaround times. MDIndia ensures easy access to information and support for its clients through its multi-channel customer service touchpoints, which include technology-integrated call centers, email, SMS, website, web portals, mobile apps, chatbots, and a responsive WhatsApp interface.

Founded 20 years ago and headquartered in Pune, MDIndia Health Insurance TPA has grown into a leading TPA, serving nearly 28 crore Indian lives. The Company has a nationwide presence, with more than 110 offices, a network of nearly 24,000 medical facilities, and over 8000 dedicated employees. MDIndia manages five business verticals, including public mass health insurance programs, corporate mediclaim management, retail health insurance policies management, pre-insurance medical services, and backend operations support services for private insurance companies.

The new Mumbai branch is the latest in a series of expansions and new office openings in Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, and New Delhi. The Company has also expanded its offices across Hyderabad, Chennai, Jaipur, Surat, and now Mumbai. With two or more offices in some cities, MDIndia has a total pan-India combined office space of more than 2,10,000 square feet to serve and care for its invaluable customers.



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