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  • Masterchow is Cooking up a Virtual Feast, with their Digital Collectibles Launching in OneRare Foodverse

Masterchow is Cooking up a Virtual Feast, with their Digital Collectibles Launching in OneRare Foodverse

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New Delhi, India

Masterchow, the champion of flavor-packed Asian cuisine, is set to enter OneRare’s Foodverse, launching their scrumptious brand offerings as awe-inspiring Digital Collectibles. Their unique collection will feature an assortment of Ingredient & Dish NFTs exclusively available for OneRare Foodies.

Masterchow, the innovative Asian cuisine brand, has teamed up with OneRare Foodverse to bring you a one-of-a-kind Digital Collectibles.

Through this partnership, OneRare’s users will have the opportunity to discover Masterchow’s culinary creations in a whole new dimension. From their signature sauces and marinades to mouth-watering dishes inspired by the vibrant flavors of Asian street food, this collection of digital collectibles is a treasure trove of culinary delights that’s sure to leave foodies drooling with anticipation.

A brainchild of two passionate foodies – Vidur and Sidhanth with an unwavering focus on quality & flavour profile, Masterchow is a culinary revolution that is changing the way we think about Asian cuisine. Driven by passion and fueled by flavor, Masterchow has already taken the food industry by storm with its range of ready-to-cook Asian pantry staples that make home cooking a breeze. The brand is now set to raise the bar even higher, with their digital launch on the blockchain.

The brand will be releasing 6 of their best-selling ingredients along with 6 iconic Masterchow recipes as Digital Collectibles in OneRare Kitchen.

Talking to Vidur, Founder & Director of Masterchow about this collaboration, said, “Metaverse is the new paradigm. Being a new-age brand, there couldn’t be a better place than the Metaverse to meet our audience & curate a (virtually) mouth-watering customer experience.”

“Masterchow’s foray into OneRare Foodverse is a testament to the platform’s growing influence in the NFT space. As we continue to explore the boundaries of what’s possible with digital assets, collaborations like these allow us to showcase the limitless potential of food and art. We’re elated to have Masterchow on board, and we look forward to seeing how their unique vision unfolds in the OneRare Foodverse,” said, Supreet Raju, Co-founder, OneRare.

–Press release through NewsVoir


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