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Katihar register 22-run victory over Araria

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Purnia: Katihar defeated Araria by 22 runs in the match played at the local Green Valley Stadium under Zone F of BCA Senior Cricket Tournament.

After winning the toss, Katihar captain decided to bat. Katihar scored 150 runs losing all the wickets in 37.5 overs. Katihar batsman Ankit Singh contributed 41 runs, Ashwani Kumar contributed 27 runs, Khalid Alam contributed 30 runs, Abhishek Kumar contributed 22 runs.

For Araria, Nisar Ahmed took 05 wickets for 23 runs in 08 overs, Sanju Singh took 03 wickets for 35 runs in 09 overs.

Chasing the target, Araria could score only 128 runs after losing all the wickets in 26.1 overs. On behalf of Araria, Krish Kumar contributed 20 runs and Shivam Kumar contributed 17 runs. Mohd Hazrat Ali took 04 wickets for 15 runs in 05 overs and Aman Khan took 03 wickets for 11 runs in 10 overs.

The umpires of the match were BCA panel umpires Sunil Singh (Patna) and Abhay Kumar (Bhagalpur). The manual scorer was Priyanshu Kumar Roy and digital scorer was Suman Kumar.

Brief score

Katihar: All out for 150 runs in 37.5 overs Ankit Singh 41, Ashwini Kumar 27, Suraj Kumar 10, Khalid Alam 30, Abhishek Kumar 22, extra 8, Abhishek Kumar 1/25, Shravan Kumar 1/33, Sanju Kumar Singh 3/3. 35, Nisar Ahmed 5/23

Araria: All out for 128 runs in 41.3 overs Raja Babu 27, Judge Lal Murmu 26, Md Ashfaq 32, Sanju Kumar Singh 17, extra 12, Harsh Nanda 2/29, Azmat Raja Warsi 1/8, Md Aman Khan 1/25. , Peter Marradi 2/23, Khalid Alam 3/24.


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