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JSTTA will organised two major ranking tournaments this year

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Ranchi: A special general meeting of the Jharkhand State Table Tennis Association (JSTTA)  was held under the chairmanship of Jitendra Singh, president of the association. In today’s meeting, a resolution was passed on the annual calendar for sessions 23–24, in which it was decided to hold one major ranking tournament in Jamshedpur, another in Sahibganj, and the state table tennis tournament in Dhanbad. Along with this, the annual budget was also presented by secretary Samarjit Singh, which was passed after partial amendment. The meeting also decided to hold a summer coaching camp before national tournaments.

A veteran table tennis steering coordination committee was also formed at the meeting. Sudipto Mukherjee, Mahajan Ji, Rakesh Kumar Mishra, Ujjal Kumar Chatterjee, and Bhaiya Murari have been given the responsibility of the committee. The meeting has also constituted a selection committee for the section of players at different national tournaments.

Mahajan ji from Dhanbad, Rakesh Kumar Mishra from Ramgarh, Kamlesh Kumar Dubey from Garhwa, K.K. N. Singh and Bhaiya Murari from Hazaribagh, Peter Mundu from Khunti, MV Parthasarathy and Sudipto Mukherjee from Ranchi, Navneet Sundaram from Palamu, Ujjal Kumar Chatterjee from Jamshedpur, Sanjesh Mohan Thakur, and Jai Kumar Sinha were present in the meeting. The meeting was conducted by the secretary of the association  Samarjit Singh.

Kripa Shankar from Sahibganj  and Jai Krishna Sharma from Sahibganj participated in the meeting as special invitees. Suresh Kumar participated as an observer for the Jharkhand Olympic Association.

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