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India Book of Records Brings Stories Creating New Benchmarks of Success

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New Delhi, Delhi, India

India Book of Records is here again with stories of grit and perseverance, of dreamers and preachers with ceaseless ambition. You will find record holders who are beyond limitations of age and capability, be it the small wonder who is not even 2 years old, or the talented youtuber who is reviewing public transport. Goldsmiths, Make-up Artists and Doctors, the world of talent is open for all. Some of such wonderful stories are listed below.

Fastest Kid to Perform all Hastamudras

Suryagayathri (born on January 23, 2017) of Kookenchari, Kerala, is appreciated for performing 52 Asamyukta and Samyukta hasta mudras (single and double hand gestures), dhyana shloka mudras along with the recitation of their names in 32 seconds and 52 milliseconds, at the age of 5 years and 9 months, as confirmed on November 16, 2022.

The Wonder Toddler

Tanay Sayuj (born on August 26, 2020) of Palakkad, Kerala, is appreciated for identifying 27 vehicles, English alphabets from A to Z with corresponding words, 14 fruits, 24 action words, 15 parts of the body, 27 professions and 66 logos at the age of 1 year and 11 months, as confirmed on August 9, 2022.

Youngest to Identify Flags of One Hundred Countries

The record for being the youngest toddler to identify the flags of one hundred countries was set by Hridhaan Gupta (born on October 21, 2020) of Gautam Buddha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh. He identified the flags of 100 countries in 5 minutes and 45 seconds at the age of 1 year and 11 months, as confirmed on September 21, 2022.

Maximum Lego Models made by a Kid

The record for making the maximum number of Lego models was set by Emil Yohan Shinu (born on October 6, 2016) of Konni, Kerala (currently residing in Newcastle, United Kingdom). He built 27 Lego models including an excavator, frog, fish, tree, apple, big swan, car, airplane, robot, castle, swan, sailing boat, house, elephant, right angle tower, jeep car, stage, garage, camera, drone, house, robot, spiderman, ironman, fountain and stairs in 9 minutes and 49 seconds, at the age of 6 years and 22 days, as confirmed on October 28, 2022.

Maximum Public Transport Reviews Made by an Individual
The record for making the maximum number of public transport reviews was set by Najeeb Rehman K.P (born on October 10, 1991) of Malappuram, Kerala. He made 310 video reviews including 260 cars, 5 heavy and commercial vehicles, 2 flights, one ship, one bus, 3 boats, one helicopter, 14 motorcycles, one autorickshaw, 22 tips and feedback videos; and uploaded them in his own YouTube channel named ‘NAJEEB REHMAN KP’, as confirmed on October 10, 2022.

Minimum Weight of Silver Ganesha Idols

The record for minimum weight of silver Ganesh idols was set by Arjun BR (born on August 31, 1986) of Bengaluru, Karnataka. A goldsmith by profession, he has created 1008 silver Ganesha idols, each weighing 0.090 mg only. These idols were assembled to create a portrait of the Kannada actor Late Dr. Puneeth Rajkumar as confirmed on September 20, 2022.

Maximum Attendees in GST Awareness Hybrid Campaign at Multiple Places

The record for Maximum Attendees in a Tax Awareness Hybrid Campaign at Multiple Places was set by Himachal Pradesh State Taxes & Excise Department, Government of India. A total number of 3000 entrepreneurs, members of trade/industry and tax consultants at multiple locations across Himachal Pradesh participated in the GST awareness campaign that lasted for 6 hours, on September 7, 2022.

Maximum Doctors Pledge to Support Breastfeeding Awareness Initiative

The record for the maximum doctor’s pledge to support breastfeeding awareness initiative, was set by Bharat Serums and Vaccines Limited, Mumbai, Maharashtra. A total of 3006 doctors, across the nation, took the pledge to spread awareness about the importance of breastfeeding and early initiation of breastfeeding among patients via digital commitment, between August 2, 2022, and August 10, 2022.

Maximum Students Participating in a Multicultural Marathon

The record for maximum students participating in a multicultural marathon was set by M S Dhoni Global School, with multiple communicative activities like singing, poetry recitation, storytelling and dancing that explore and encourage public speaking and confidence building amongst school-going children were conducted. A total of 1630 students performed on stage for a total of 8 hours ,23 minutes and 26 seconds at the M S Dhoni Global School, Kasavugatta, Hosur, Tamil Nadu, on September 9, 2022.

Maximum Indian Bridal Make-Up on Live Models in One Hour

The record for maximum Indian bridal make-up on live models in one hour was set by Vrushali Sachin Shedage, wherein Indian bridal make-up was performed on live models for one hour. The Indian bridal make-up was performed at Anna Bhau Sathe Auditorium, Pune, Maharashtra, on October 12, 2022.

Press release: Source–NewsVoir


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