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I.N.D.I. Alliance Proposes Religious Division Blueprint, Says CM Yogi

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister yogi Adityanath
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CM Yogi attacks Congress addressing the media, says “Their thinking is harmful to the nation.”

BJP raises the issues of development, security, and governance among the people: CM Yogi

By Our Correspondent

Lucknow, April 27, 2024: Lashing out at the Congress on Friday, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said, “Congress manifesto is harmful to India, the world’s largest democracy.”

Addressing the media at his official residence, the Chief Minister said that the BJP had entered the elections with the issues of development, security, and governance. The first phase of voting was held on these issues, but just before the first phase, the manifesto of Congress, the most important component of the I.N.D.I. alliance, drew the attention of the entire country.

“The Congress, in its manifesto, wants to lay the foundation of the country’s division on religious grounds by supporting issues ranging from implementing Taliban rule to personal law. The BJP will strongly oppose it in any case”, he added.

CM Yogi remarked that everyone had read the statements of Congress advisor Sam Pitroda. The Congress presented reports from the Ranganath Mishra Committee and the Sachar Committee during the tenure of the UPA government. Additionally, the Congress-led government in Karnataka is unfairly dividing the rights of the OBCs by forcibly including Muslims in the reservation for backward classes.

He further said that by discussing the Inheritance Tax, conducting an X-ray of property, and seizing property, they aim to lay the foundation of the country’s division on religious grounds. Along with this, they are also discussing taking half of the inheritance property and reintroducing laws such as personal laws. The partition of this country took place due to these reasons. If any political party tries to do this, it will be opposed at all costs.

“Naxalism is on the decline in India. If there is any attempt to revive this, we will never accept it. The BJP government has been taking action against corruption from the beginning. However, if anyone tries to impose dacoity on the property of the common man, we will not allow it to happen”, said CM Yogi.

Attacking the Congress and its allies for endorsing a Taliban-like mentality in the country’s politics, CM Yogi said, “They are trying to resurrect the Maoist insurgency and are attempting to demean women by reintroducing practices like triple talaq through personal laws. Hence, in the present scenario, the BJP is opposing these issues.”

He mentioned that we are bringing up these issues and capturing the public’s attention. The public’s attention is constantly being drawn to what is the mentality of Congress and I.N.D.I alliance. To prevent their intentions from materializing, it is imperative for the public to act decisively and thwart them through every vote they cast.

“What Chidambaram was saying about the Inheritance Tax is exactly what Sam Pitroda is saying. It is necessary to counteract their intentions, otherwise, they can pose a danger to this country, to the common man, and to half the population”, CM Yogi added.

The Chief Minister stated that there is enthusiasm and a positive atmosphere in the country regarding the work of PM Modi. The country wants to see progress, and PM Modi has provided a new direction to the country in 10 years.

He said, “Development has occurred in every sector. India has emerged as a rapidly growing economy in the world. With a resounding victory on June 4th, the BJP will once again come to power.”


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