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Historic Women’s Cricket League to Commence in Patna

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Patna, May 21: May 23 will mark a historic day for cricket in Patna and Bihar as the city prepares to launch its first-ever women’s cricket league in its 52-year history. This landmark event was announced by Patna District Cricket Association (PDCA) Steering Committee Chairman Rajesh Kumar and member Rahbar Abdin.

The league will feature five club teams: Abdin Eleven, Renu Eleven, CMS Cricket Club, Jyoti Cricket Club, and Uma Eleven.

Matches will be held at the Bihar Cricket Academy, located in La Martiniere World School, Sampatchak, near the capital city of Patna. The matches  will commence at nine in the morning.

Ashutosh Kumar, the head coach of Bihar Cricket Academy, has been tasked with overseeing the preparations for this significant event.

The PDCA Steering Committee will provide uniforms and balls for all participating players.

The opening match, as confirmed by Rajesh Kumar and Rahbar Abdin, will be played between Uma Eleven and Abdin Eleven.

In addition to the league, the five participating clubs will soon be granted voting rights.

Rajesh Kumar and Rahbar Abdin highlighted that this initiative is a historic step to promote women’s cricket in Patna and Bihar, benefitting the region’s cricketing community as a whole. They emphasized the PDCA Steering Committee’s commitment to transparency, honesty, and the successful organization of the league matches, reinforcing their dedication to the development of women’s cricket.


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