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  • Harpic Launches Loocator App, Empowers Women on-the-go with Access to Usable Public Toilets to Prevent Pee Paranoia

Harpic Launches Loocator App, Empowers Women on-the-go with Access to Usable Public Toilets to Prevent Pee Paranoia

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New Delhi, Delhi, India: 

  • This path-breaking initiative aims to solve the pee paranoia as recent survey reveals 70% women struggle to find public toilets*.
  • Aims to initiate conversations around the struggles faced by women in finding a public toilet through its thought-provoking campaign #BeFreeToPee

Harpic, India’s leading lavatory care brand, announced the launch of an innovative app-based solution ‘Harpic Loocator’ (“Harpic Loocator App”) to empower everybody and most importantly women with access to public toilets on-the-go. To initiate conversations around this unvoiced matter, the brand has also released ‘#BeFreeToPee’ campaign, highlighting the lifestyle compromises made by women due to lack of knowledge and accessibility of public toilets, while they are on-the-go. This breakthrough launch is in response to solve an underlying problem of finding public toilets in India.

A recent survey conducted in Delhi revealed alarming facts that 70% women struggle to find a toilet in public, when in need. It also states that they spend 60 mins on average, searching for a hygienic restroom*. Many women limit their water intake while travelling or outdoors, which might pose serious health risks like dehydration, or UTI. The survey also stated that 78% of women acknowledge avoiding field jobs or extended travels to avoid public restrooms*. Additionally, 81% of the women confirmed refraining from drinking water to avoid the need to use the public toilets*. Recognizing this pressing issue, the Harpic Loocator App not only discovers public toilets nearby, but also empowers everybody and most importantly women to rate and add more toilets on the app, helping communities at large.

Commenting on the launch, Saurabh Jain, Regional Marketing Director, South Asia – Hygiene, Reckitt, said, “The dearth of information and accessibility regarding clean public toilets affects all segments of society, but women bear the brunt most significantly. Many alter their daily routines and lifestyles to avoid using public facilities, which can have detrimental effects on their health. For those who frequently travel for work or leisure, these challenges are magnified. This situation has resulted in school and college dropouts, reluctance to pursue travel-related jobs, safety concerns, and more. The ‘Be Free To Pee’ campaign is a testament of our commitment to help consumers with solutions to all their bathroom and toilet problems. As we embark on this journey to initiate conversations around unspoken challenges faced by many women in India, we urge you all to join us by using the ‘Harpic Loocator’ app and rate the toilets around you, helping women make safe and informed choices.”

The app also enables users to rate the toilets based on amenities, like water, soap, tissue paper, cleanliness, and lighting. Basis these ratings and facilities, users can make informed choices and can let go the pressure of holding back. Harpic Loocator App is available to download on Android and iOS, and can also be downloaded by scanning the QR code.

The campaign, ‘Be Free to Pee’ aims to help women break free from the limitations caused due to inaccessibility to public toilet facilities and empowers them to pursue their outdoor work without having to compromise on their lifestyles.

Commenting on the launch, Aalap Desai, CCO and Co-Founder, tgthr, said, “In India, access to toilets is easy for men while women face this issue incessantly. I have seen so many of my close friends go through this pee paranoia and be forced to live as if it is natural to live with it. They just don’t have a choice. This is unacceptable. This is a basic human right and the helplessness that women go through must stop. The app with its consumer-friendly interface is a solution that they have been needing for years. The most satisfying piece of communication is something that actually improves lives, and that’s what this product does, too. And this is not a short-term solution. This is an app that can be used every day for years to come. The longevity of the solution is also a demonstration of the brand’s commitment to adding to the solution women need.”

The digital film titled “#BeFreeToPee with Harpic Loocator”, portrays the anxiety and helplessness that every woman goes through every day when they want to use a restroom on-the-go. The film is executed so that every viewer who watches it will get a taste of the struggle. The anxiety is brought alive by the pace, the song as well and the shots. Since the challenge is faced by every woman irrespective of age, it dials up the relatability by having a diverse set of women being featured in it.

Harpic has been driving various initiatives that aim to promote real behaviour change in India. One of these is the Swachh Bharat Mission, where Harpic partnered with the Government of India, Dettol, and NDTV, to increase toilet access and education in the country. Another is the Mission Swachhta Aur Paani, which Harpic has led in collaboration with Network18 since 2019, to raise awareness on hygiene and water conservation. Harpic has also supported the dignity and empowerment of sanitation workers in India through innovative programs, such as the World Toilet College (established in 2018) and Mission Safe Toilets for All.


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