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  • Gold Coast Films Partners with Hyatt Centric Jumeirah Dubai to Race Up Hospitality Marketing

Gold Coast Films Partners with Hyatt Centric Jumeirah Dubai to Race Up Hospitality Marketing

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Gold Coast Films, a premier content marketing agency specializing in dynamic collaborations with prominent Indian influencers and Hyatt Centric Jumeirah Dubai, for their recent Dubai Trip. This collaboration offered influencers an immersive experience showcasing the unique essence of Hyatt Centric, a boutique lifestyle hotel nestled in the heart of the city.

Gold Coast Films organized an Influencer Fam Event at Hyatt Centric Jumeirah Dubai, from January 23rd to January 25th, 2024, in Dubai, showcasing the city’s vibrant culture and attractions. Renowned influencers including Ashish Bhatia, Kashish Ratnani, Sargun Kaur Luthra, Aarushi Gambhir, and Priyamvada Kant were brought together for an unforgettable experience at Hyatt Centric Jumeirah Dubai. Hyatt Centric Jumeirah Dubai welcomed the influencers for a stay filled with exploration and luxury.

Situated along a world-class beachfront, the hotel boasts a minimalist and contemporary design, featuring boutique stores, eclectic restaurants, and cafés that create a lively atmosphere along 2.5 kilometers of serene white sand. The hotel’s prime location on Jumeirah Beach Road provides easy access to Dubai’s dynamic districts, renowned shopping destinations, and cultural landmarks, making it the perfect base for travelers seeking to explore the city.

We are thrilled to partner with Hyatt Centric Jumeirah Dubai for our Influencer Fam in Dubai,” said Sunny Arora, Co-founder of Gold Coast Films. “The hotel’s exceptional hospitality and prime location perfectly complemented our immersive experience, allowing us to showcase Dubai’s diverse offerings to our influencers and audience.”

We are exceedingly pleased with the exceptional hospitality extended to us and eagerly anticipate further opportunities for collaboration with Hyatt Centric Jumeirah Dubai in the future,” added Mr. Arora.

Britta Leick Milde, Hotel Manager at Hyatt Centric Jumeirah Dubai, expressed, “Here at Hyatt Centric Jumeirah Dubai, we believe in crafting an extraordinary stay where every guest not only discovers the epitome of comfort but also embarks on a journey of exploration. We are committed to creating a unique blend of personalized service and experiences, inviting our guests to explore the vibrant culture and hidden gems that make every stay truly unforgettable.”

Eunoia, Hyatt Centric Jumeirah’s French Mediterranean restaurant offers mouth-watering cuisine, refreshing curated drinks at CBAR. Apart from that, guests can experience the stunning rooftop restaurant, Kai Enzo, which also offers Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine. The lounge at Kai Enzo was favorite among the influencers, featuring modern lighting, comfortable seating, and a vibrant ambiance, providing the perfect setting to relax and unwind.


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