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Gleneagles Hospitals Highlights International Women’s Day with Notable Women’s Health Carnival

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Gleneagles Hospitals culminated its “Teal to Heal Together” campaign on International Women’s Day with the successful Women’s Health Carnival. This event marked the finale of a month-long awareness drive, initiated during Cervical Cancer Awareness Week in January, focusing on cervical cancer prevention and the crucial role of early detection.

Beginning on January 24th, the campaign undertook a comprehensive educational journey, hosting enlightening talks at schools, colleges, corporate offices, and community centers across Bengaluru’s neighborhoods. This initiative successfully reached over 60 Lac women, emphasizing the importance of health education in various community settings.

In addition to direct engagement of 25000 women, free Pap smears and mammography screenings were made available, underscoring the campaign’s commitment to accessible healthcare and preventive measures.

Dr Mathangi J, Lead Radiation Oncologist at Gleneagles BGS Hospital Bengaluru, commented on the initiative’s success, saying, “Open communication is essential for achieving wellness. We are heartened by the community’s response to our efforts, especially at the carnival. Informing and empowering women about their health enables them to take proactive steps towards their personal health goals.”

Biju Nair, Cluster COO of Gleneagles Hospitals, Bengaluru, reflected on the campaign’s impact, stating, “The ‘Teal to Heal Together’ initiative and the Women’s Health Carnival underscore our deep commitment to advancing women’s health and combating cervical cancer. The active involvement of the Bengaluru community, alongside our focused efforts on education and early detection, highlights our collective progress towards a healthier tomorrow.”

The Women’s Health Carnival offered an engaging mix of activities, including workshops, fitness challenges, and health talks, focusing on empowering women with the knowledge to manage their health effectively. Over 1200 attendees benefited from the event, enjoying free screenings and discounted vaccinations, further demonstrating Gleneagles’ dedication to fostering community health and well-being.




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