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Gewan AI hub, Smart Solutions and Immerso AI sign Strategic Partnership at Investopia Abu Dhabi 2024

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India:  Immerso AI, subsidary of the Eros Investments Group, a leading Generative AI company with intellectual property and licensed data today announced their strategic partnership with Gewan AI a leading UAE technology company at the forefront of Generative AI. This announcement was made live at Investopia’s 3rd edition in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The two companies will cooperate on areas of Ethical AI, joint product development.

Immerso AI with their access to trillions of licensed training data and brand partnerships in the Middle East and South Asia will work closely with Gewan AI on joint AI projects in the region, propagate the principles of Ethical AI with other clients and partners and develop cutting edge foundation models in the sectors of secure media transmission, entertainment, education, digital humans and commerce.

“The application of Generative AI models & LLM’s within the region is eminent with the evolution of deep technology,” said Ali Hussein, CEO of Immerso AI. “Localization and customization is going to be a large part of product adoption and we are excited to work with Gewan AI in product Integration to drive value and further extended our investments in the UAE and the Middle East”

Waleed Alhadhoud, Chief Executive Officer from Gewan AI mentioned, “Our suite of AI services is meticulously designed to elevate your business, through smart solutions that can be embedded in current IT technologies to empower these technologies with AI features and services.

Gewan AI hub & Smart Solutions together with Immerso AI would boost Generative AI Models development to be specific to industry and objectives. We are excited on our partnership to further scale our development to reach to partners and clients across the world.”

Generative AI is expected to hold immense economic potential. GCC countries are expected to reap about $23.5 billion in economic benefits by 2030 as investments in Generative AI. For businesses, Generative AI could generate value equivalent to anywhere between $2.6 trillion and $4.4 trillion in global corporate profits annually in 63 use cases where the technology could raise productivity, a recent study from the McKinsey Global Institute said. Generative AI is one of the biggest paradigm shifts of our generation, introducing a significant opportunity for government, empowerment and transformation.



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