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Home News GBC@IV to unveil the first look of International Film City

GBC@IV to unveil the first look of International Film City

International Film City’s stall will draw everyone’s attention

Key features of International Film City to be built in Jewar under the YEIDA area will be displayed

Boney Kapoor’s company, leading the Film City development, is preparing the stall; Boney Kapoor to be present on the February 19

Film City stall to showcase diverse sets, from Ram Mandir to Kedarnath, London to Canada

By Our Correspondent

Lucknow: During the groundbreaking ceremony (GBC@IV) on February 19 at the Indira Gandhi Pratishthan in Lucknow, the people of Uttar Pradesh will have their first glimpse of the state’s first International Film City, set to be constructed in Jewar.

A dedicated stall at the GBC@IV venue has been allocated to showcase Chief Minister Yogi’s ambitious project, the International Film City, to the public.

Bayview Projects LLP and Bhutani Group, which acquired the bid for the film city, are designing the replica of the film city at this stall itself. Through prototypes and curved screens, the strengths of the international film city will be showcased at the stall.

In this, visitors can expect to encounter a diverse array of sets, ranging from the majestic Ram temple in Ayodhya to the tranquil surroundings of Kedarnath, and from the bustling streets of London to picturesque locations across Canada. During this time, the director of Bayview Company and veteran Bollywood director and producer, Boney Kapoor, Ashish Bhutani, and Ali Chatley from the Bhutani Group will also be in attendance. Boney Kapoor has also expressed his commitment to making Film City world-class, as per the intention of CM Yogi.

It is noteworthy that the Yogi government is going to launch an investment of more than Rs 10 lakh crore in the state through a groundbreaking ceremony on February 19. It is to be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The stall will exude the same allure as the Film City itself

Veteran Bollywood director and producer Boney Kapoor emphasized, “Our priority is not only to ensure the perfection of the Film City but also to create an impeccable stall at GBC, presenting a magnificent portrayal of the proposed film city.”

Highlighting the efforts being made, Kapoor mentioned, “State-of-the-art cameras are being imported from Singapore. If delivered on time, they will enhance the stall’s realism.” He further noted, “Our art director has visited Lucknow, sharing comprehensive details of the Film City’s design for the stall. Though time is limited, we are optimistic that the stall will exude a world-class aura akin to the real Film City.”

Furthermore, Boney Kapoor affirmed his presence in Lucknow on the 19th to provide comprehensive information about the Film City. He assured, “The film city, developed under the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority, will indeed become a world-class establishment as envisioned by CM Yogi. I look forward to witnessing its aura upon completion.”

The stall will be ready by February 18

Rajeev Arora, GM of Boney Kapoor’s firm Bayview Projects LLP, said, “We aim to showcase the essence of Film City through innovative means, such as a globe and a curved screen. Our goal is to provide visitors with a glimpse of the proposed Film City on the Yamuna Expressway.”

He further elaborated, “The upcoming Film City will feature a diverse range of permanent sets, encompassing a theme park, amusement park, studios, golf club, and major temples. Visitors to our stall at GBC will have the opportunity to preview replicas of these sets. It will include the grand Ram temple in Ayodhya, the Kedarnath Dham in Uttarakhand, as well as major religious sites throughout the country and a list of major state-specific locations. Moreover, Film City will showcase sets from prime international locations like London, Canada, and Switzerland. The infrastructure will also boast luxurious five-star hotels, captivating fountains, and various other amenities.

Work on the Film City stall commenced on Friday and is scheduled for completion by February 18th, he added.

Film City stall will attract attention

Arunveer Singh, CEO of the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA), highlights that Film City stands as Chief Minister Yogi’s visionary project, set to meet global standards. Recently, Boney Kapoor and the Bhutani Group secured the project through YEIDA’s transparent bidding process. This endeavor promises to redefine not only the YEIDA landscape but also Uttar Pradesh as a whole, with its potential to captivate filmmakers and tourists worldwide. To offer a glimpse of this ambitious venture, the International Film City model will be showcased during the upcoming GBC@IV event, with Boney Kapoor’s firm spearheading the stall’s creation. Anticipated to seamlessly embody the essence of Film City, this display aims to garner widespread attention and interest.

More than 30 films can be shot simultaneously

The International Film City slated for development in the YEIDA area encompasses a multitude of facilities aimed at revolutionizing the filmmaking landscape. This comprehensive venture boasts statewise outdoor locations representing India’s diverse geography, offering filmmakers a spectrum of settings under one roof. With the capacity to accommodate over 30 film productions concurrently, the infrastructure will feature versatile shooting floors of varying dimensions, complemented by an array of in-house equipment such as lighting and cameras. Moreover, in-house set design and construction will also be available. Accommodation for the stars and crew, in-house VFX and CG team, in-house logistics and transportation as well as personal assistance for various approvals will also be provided.

The Jewar Film City project will incorporate studios for shooting, both indoor and outdoor filming locations, pre and post-production facilities, including editing and mixing studios, as well as hospitality amenities like accommodations and dining options.

Notably, its strategic proximity to the upcoming airport adds to its appeal, making it an ideal destination for OTT content and advertisement filming. To enhance the visitor experience, plans include the development of a Bollywood-themed amusement park, catering to tourists and enthusiasts alike.

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