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GBC@IV is a medium to accelerate industrial development across the nation, says UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath

  • Groundbreaking ceremony to see launch of investment proposals worth Rs 10 lakh crore: CM
  • The leap from projects worth Rs 60K crores in GBC@I to Rs 10 lakh crores in GBC@IV reflects the speed of new UP: Chief Minister
  • Groundbreaking ceremony scheduled to take place in Lucknow from February 19-21, Chief Minister reviews preparations
  • PM to grace the event, union ministers, ambassadors & public representatives to attend also
  • Over 1.10 crore new job/employment opportunities are ready for UP’s youth: Chief Minister
  • All 75 districts of the state will benefit from GBC@IV: Chief Minister
  • CM Fellows will be also deployed to extend hospitality services to VVIP guests
  • Prior to GBC, retired IAS/IPS officers and Vice Chancellors will engage with youth in interactive sessions on the lines of GIS
  • GBC is an event of the people of the state; ensure its widespread publicity, says CM

By Our Correspondent

Lucknow:  Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath held an important meeting on Tuesday to assess the arrangements for the upcoming ‘Groundbreaking Ceremony@IV’ (GBC@IV) scheduled for February 19–21. In this pivotal meeting convened with Additional Chief Secretaries of various departments, Principal Secretaries, and CEOs of development authorities, the Chief Minister diligently scrutinized department-wise and district-wise investment proposals and gave necessary guidelines for the successful organization of GBC@IV.

● UP Global Investors Summit was successfully organized from February 10-12, 2023, under the guidance of respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The summit saw enthusiastic participation of 10 country partners, more than 1000 foreign representatives from 40 countries, 4 ministers of partner countries, 17 Union ministers, ambassadors/high commissioners, and more than 25000 delegates, including national and international investors and other dignitaries. This event is going to prove to be an important milestone towards fulfilling the aspirations and expectations of the youth as well as elevating Uttar Pradesh to a $1 trillion economy.

● Industrial investment proposals of Rs 39.52 lakh crore were received through the three-day Global Investors Summit, which was preceded by holding of Investors Conference in all 75 districts of the state and road shows in 21 cities of 16 countries across the world and 10 cities within the country. Uttar Pradesh is fully prepared to execute these proposals, which are anticipated to generate 1.10 crore jobs/employment opportunities for the youth of the state.

● A three-day groundbreaking ceremony is going to be organized at Indira Gandhi Pratishthan, Lucknow, from February 19-21. On the first day, February 19th, the Prime Minister will inaugurate the commencement of investment proposals valued at over Rs 10 lakh crore. Many distinguished industry leaders, CEOs, investors, and others will be present on this occasion. In light of Uttar Pradesh’s pivotal role as the nation’s growth engine, this event holds immense potential for accelerating both the state’s and the country’s industrial development. Therefore, make all necessary arrangements, keeping in mind the dignity and importance of the ceremony.

● Since the inaugural Investors Summit in 2018, which marked the commencement of investment proposals valued at Rs 60,000 crore, Uttar Pradesh has undergone a remarkable transformation characterized by unprecedented speed and progress. Fast forward six years, and the state is now gearing up to simultaneously implement investment proposals surpassing the remarkable milestone of Rs 10 lakh crore during GBC@IV. This remarkable ‘transformation’ and ‘speed’ define the new Uttar Pradesh.

● Under the GBC@IV, there are a total of 262 projects exceeding Rs 500 crore, while 889 industrial projects ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 500 crore will be implemented. It is also noteworthy that all 75 districts will benefit from this. More than 3,500 investors are expected to attend this program.

● The special event will see the participation of several Union Ministers, ambassadors, and public representatives. It is imperative to strictly adhere to security and hospitality protocols for VIPs. CM Fellows should be assigned to assist these VIPs, providing them with necessary guidance and training.

● Adequate arrangements should be made for dignitaries, including industrial leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors, covering aspects such as accommodation, food, transportation, and parking facilities.

● In a proactive effort to engage with the youth, retired IAS/IPS/IFS officers and Vice Chancellors conducted outreach sessions in various universities/colleges prior to the Global Investors Summit, effectively communicating the summit’s utility, importance, and impact. This initiative significantly boosted awareness and engagement among the youth. Similar efforts should be undertaken before GBC, between February 16-17, to enhance youth participation and awareness.

● The entire capital city should be adorned for GBC@IV, emphasizing cleanliness and installing spiral lights. Taxi stands, hoardings, and other infrastructure should be arranged in an organized manner. CCTV surveillance on Shaheed Path and along the entire VVIP route must be operational to ensure strict monitoring of any disruptive elements.

● The Prime Minister’s inspirational address at the main event should be broadcast live in all districts, facilitated by the installation of screens. Invitation letters should be sent to local entrepreneurs/businessmen by the District Magistrate. There should be the presence of public representatives here.

● Sectoral sessions covering various topics are scheduled for February 20th and 21st. Students from technical, technological, and management institutes should be invited to this informative event to facilitate learning. Adequate transportation arrangements should be made for their convenience.

● All Additional Chief Secretaries/Principal Secretaries, under the guidance of their respective departmental ministers, should promptly review each industrial investment proposal received by their departments.




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