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FPT Software CEO Appointed as FPT Corporation Executive Vice President

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Hanoi, Vietnam: 

Global corporation FPT today announced its appointment of Mr. Pham Minh Tuan as the Executive Vice President. At the same time, he remains as Chief Executive Officer of FPT Software, a tech subsidiary of FPT.

As FPT’s EVP, Tuan is responsible for promoting the Corporation and its member companies’ global business endeavours, focusing on Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, semiconductors, automotive software technology, Infrastructure Managed Services (IMS), and green transformation.

Assuming the position of CEO since 2018, Tuan has worked alongside FPT Software Chairwoman and other senior executives to lead the company to achieve its first-ever 1 billion USD in revenue from overseas markets. This achievement is followed by the goal of 5 billion USD in revenue by 2030 and more billion-dollar milestones from a single contract, a single account, a single market, a single vertical and billion-dollar profits.

Tuan played a pivotal role in FPT Software’s growth by 3.7 times, despite COVID-19 disruptions, as well as developing its million-dollar client portfolios, which account for 80% of total revenue. The company has also developed a robust, high-skilled IT workforce globally, and completed prolific investment and acquisition deals with leading companies in North America, Europe, and Japan.

Prior to these roles, Tuan held several key leadership positions in other FPT’s member companies. Most recently, he served as CEO of FPT Information System Co., Ltd. (2014-2018), where he successfully developed new solutions in e-government, smart transportation, smart healthcare, e-ticketing, and non-stop toll collection, initiating a new era of business for Made-by-FPT products and solutions.

Tuan’s appointment as Executive Vice President is part of FPT’s program to promote diversity and transition, enhance operational capabilities, create diverse experiences for senior leaders, as well as empowering the Corporation as a whole to be at the forefront of delivering solutions that meet and exceed expectations of global clients.


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