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Four-Day Chaiti Chhath Festival Begins On Friday

Chhath festival of Bihar
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By Vishwapati

Patna: The four-day-long grand festival of folk faith, Chhath, begins Friday, April 12. The Chhath festival will begin with Nahay Khay on Friday. Chaiti Chhath is the name given to the celebration because it takes place in the month of Chaitra.

The Chhath festival is celebrated twice a year in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and other regions of the country. Chhath is celebrated twice: once in the month of Kartik, six days after Diwali, and again in the month of Chaith. Everyone is aware of Chhath of Kartik month, however there is little debate regarding Chhath of Chaitra month. Preparations for the four-day Chaiti Chhath Puja, the grand festival of folk faith, are well underway.

It will begin with Nahay Khay on April 12. After that, Kharna will have to be held on April 13. The first Arghya will be presented to the Sun God on the evening of April 14. This event will conclude with the offering of Arghya to the rising sun on the morning of April 15.

Danapur Municipal Council and Patna Municipal Corporation have begun preparations to guarantee that devotees do not encounter any difficulties during this period. The city administration has installed temporary barricades to ensure the safety of devotees on Chaithi Chhath. Sanitation workers from the municipal council are cleaning the banks of the Ganga river. Aside from building watch towers and public address systems to help authorities oversee the throng, the ghats have been outfitted with changing rooms, help desks, and adequate illumination.

The author is senior journalist based in Patna, Bihar

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