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Eunuchs help pregnant woman deliver baby on running train

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By Avijit Biswas 

Bhagalpur: It is divine interference many times help pour in from unexpected quarters in time of need. Generally seeking donation in trains by group of eunuchs is not relished by passengers in most cases.

However a group of eunuchs seeking donation from passengers travelling in Up Howrah-Patna Jan Satabadi Express on Tuesday this week won heart of passengers travelling in the train when they acted as savior for a pregnant woman travelling with her husband.

In advanced stage of pregnancy, the woman developed severe labor pain while train left Simultala station in Asansol division of Eastern Railway and was heading towards Jhajha station of Danapur Division of East Central Railway.

Husband of woman as well as co-passengers of couple in train was at loss how to help her in safe delivery. The female passengers travelling in compartment despite efforts could not do much to help the women passenger in labor pain.

However when none could do much for the women, the group of eunuchs in compartment came forward and took control of the situation. They took her to toilet of the train and helped her in safe delivery of child. By surrounding her members of the group ensured proper cover for the women while she delivered the child.

The cry of the newly born male child made passengers thankful towards eunuchs who proved savior for the woman. Before alighting from train, the group of eunuchs blessed the newly born child and also offered to monetarily help father of the child in case he required any such help.


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