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Empowering Data Center Professionals: Netrack Introduces Innovative Certification Courses

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Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Netrack, a leading provider of data center solutions, profoundly understands the growing demand for comprehensive certification courses in Modular Data Centre Design and Technology. With the data center industry evolving rapidly, it has become imperative for professionals to stay at the forefront of the industry and equip themselves with the most up-to-date skills and knowledge.

Hence Netrack announced the launch of two cutting-edge certification courses aimed at empowering professionals in the field of modular data center design and technology. The new courses, namely the “Netrack Certified Modular Data Centre Designer (Base Course)” and the “Netrack Certified Modular Data Centre Specialist (Advanced Course),” are designed to upskill participants with the required skills and knowledge to excel in this rapidly evolving data center industry.

Expert-led technical seminar in Kolkata

The “Netrack Certified Modular Data Centre Designer” is an extensive training program crafted by our esteemed Field Engineering and Projects team. This course is tailored for data solution center architects, pre-sale teams, IT managers, and project managers seeking to enhance their expertise in designing modular data centers. The 3-hour training program will cover various aspects of both conventional and modular versions of data centers. Participants will gain knowledge and acumen into the best practices, innovative solutions, and the latest trends in data center design.

As part of our commitment to delivering exceptional learning experiences, Netrack recently organized a Technical Seminar/Workshop in Kolkata for 30 to 35 participants. The session focused on the base course certification, conducted by the renowned experts Mr. Krishna Raj and Regional Sales Manager Mr. Mrinal. The engaging training session was followed by a networking lunch, fostering a conducive knowledge exchange and collaboration environment.

Netrack’s certified specialist training

The “Netrack Certified Modular Data Centre Specialist” is a comprehensive training course that offers hands-on experience in the Netrack Facility. Participants will receive a day-long interactive training session, enabling them to gain practical knowledge of our products. The course will be complemented by a brief session on Bill of Material sizing and design considerations, equipping participants with the tools to become adept in advanced modular data center design.

In keeping with our assurance of excellence, the participants who complete the advanced course will receive certification after successfully passing an assessment. To facilitate the smooth execution of the program, Netrack will provide basic training materials, ensuring an enriching learning experience for all participants.

Successful Kolkata training spurs expansion of certification courses nationwide

The training session in Kolkata was a tremendous success, and Netrack wants to continue rolling out these courses across various locations. The following “Netrack Certified Modular Data Centre Specialist” session will be held in Bangalore, where participants will be given a comprehensive training experience at our state-of-the-art facility. The enthusiastic response to the certification courses is thrilling to witness, and there is hope for the future that these initiatives will contribute significantly to the growth and advancement of the data center industry.

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