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Electricity will be cheaper in Bihar

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New slab will be effective beginning April 1

By Vishwapati

Patna: There is good news for Bihar’s energy users. New electricity rates will take effect at the start of the new fiscal year, on April 1, 2024. This will result in a lower electricity tariff in the state. The Bihar Electricity Regulatory Commission has decreased electricity rates for all categories by 15 paise per unit, while maintaining consumer subsidies. Farmers would save Rs 96 crore, while other categories of consumers will save Rs 740 crore in the state. The new electricity tariff will become effective on April 1, 2024.

In fact, the Bihar Electricity Regulatory Commission has rejected the company’s application to increase electricity rate by 3.03 percent. Bihar’s electricity rates have remained unchanged for the second year in a row.

The new measures have resulted in a 2% decrease in electricity rates across the state. Along with this, the Electricity Regulatory Commission has provided significant help to farmers. Farmers will receive the lowest electricity at a rate of 55 paise per unit. Following the commission’s latest judgement, farm electricity clients will no longer be required to pay monthly electricity bills. Farmers will now have to pay the bill based on the agricultural harvesting cycle, which means they will have to pay for power four times every year.

The Commission also decided to continue offering a 1% discount on bill amounts for power customers who pay through the online method. The commission rejected the proposal by electricity distribution companies to extend the maximum ceiling to Rs 20,000. Apart from that, electricity charges for meterless street lights have been cut.

Electricity companies had suggested raising electricity rates beginning in November 2023. The commission concluded the public hearing on the companies’ appeal in January-February. On March 1, the commission established new rates based on public submissions and company arguments.

A quick look at the electricity tariff, including subsidies (in rupees per unit).

Category Unit Old rate New rate

Kutir Jyoti (BPL) 0–50 2.12 1.97

Rural households (0-50) 2.60 2.45

More than fifty units. 3.00 2.85

Urban households 0–100 4.27 4.12

More than 100. 5.67 5.52

Agriculture per unit. 0.70 0.55

The author is senior journalist based in Patna

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