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  • Edvancer’s Inspiring Journey Spotlighted in ‘The Indian EdTech Story’ Documentary Series by Edstead on Disney+ Hotstar

Edvancer’s Inspiring Journey Spotlighted in ‘The Indian EdTech Story’ Documentary Series by Edstead on Disney+ Hotstar

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New Delhi, Delhi, India

Edvancer, a leading provider of data science, machine learning, and AI training courses, has been featured prominently in the documentary series, ‘The Indian EdTech Story,’ produced by Edstead. Within the series, the episode titled “Igniting Data Intelligence” prominently features Edvancer, showcasing the substantial impact and outcomes achieved by the organization in revolutionizing the educational landscape for millions of students across India.

The documentary sheds light on Edvancer’s commitment, now as part of GUS Global Services India Pvt. Ltd. in making education more affordable and accessible, showcasing the organization’s profound influence on the learning experiences of countless individuals. With a focus on the positive contributions to the sector, ‘The Indian EdTech Story’ explores the highs and lows of the edtech journey, demonstrating how the sector continues to play a pivotal role in creating a lasting impact.

The documentary series streaming on Disney+ Hotstar unfolds the challenges faced and conquered by Edvancer’s founders, Aatash Shah and Lalit Sachan. From its humble beginnings to becoming a driving force in Data-Driven AI Education, the narrative shines a spotlight on the pivotal role played by GUS Global Services, narrated by Dr. Sharad Mehra, in steering Edvancer through its remarkable evolution.

Despite being a bootstrapped organization, Edvancer strategically navigated various obstacles, demonstrating resilience and adaptability during unprecedented times. A significant turning point occurred in 2021 when Edvancer was acquired by GUS Global Services India Pvt. Ltd. Subsequently, it became an integral part of Global University Systems (GUS), an esteemed international network of higher-education institutions united by a shared passion for providing industry-driven global education that is both accessible and affordable.

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Sharad Mehra, Regional CEO Asia & Australia at GUS GLOBAL SERVICES INDIA, expressed his enthusiasm about the documentary series, “This Hotstar documentary series is not just a narrative; it’s a testament to our commitment to providing learners with an enriching and tailored educational experience. Edvancer’s journey, as highlighted in this documentary series, is a reflection of our shared vision.”

The series featuring Edvancer’s journey provides an in-depth look at the collaborative efforts of key individuals, such as Sumanth Palepu, Sr. Director, Sales & Marketing, and Piyush Arora, Sr. Director, Business Strategy at GUS GLOBAL SERVICES INDIA. Their insights underscore GUS Global Services’ commitment to providing a diverse and comprehensive learning ecosystem.

Lalit Sachan, Co-founder of Edvancer, shared insights into the platform’s evolution, “From our modest beginnings to integrating AI into education, our journey has been transformative. Edvancer’s AI courses are set to empower learners, ensuring they possess the skills needed to navigate a rapidly evolving professional landscape.”

Aatash Shah, Founder of Edvancer and Sr. Director at GUS GLOBAL SERVICES INDIA, highlighted the platform’s commitment to accessible education, “Our journey is about more than just education; it’s about empowerment. Through innovative initiatives and strategic partnerships, we are paving the way for a future where quality education knows no bounds.”

Commenting on the release, Shekhar Bhattacharjee, Founder of Edstead, expressed, “The entire objective behind producing this series was to illuminate the transformation of education into an affordable and accessible realm for millions. The series not only captures the highs and lows of the edtech sector but also underscores its ongoing commitment to creating a positive impact.”

The episode not only shares success stories of learners like Aiswarya Pradhan, who found her dream job through Edvancer, but also introduces groundbreaking initiatives such as AI-powered courses and an AI version of Lalit Sachan. These innovations symbolize Edvancer’s dedication to delivering cutting-edge and accessible education to learners across India.

As part of GUS Global Services’ overarching vision to become an “Amazon rainforest of education,” the Hotstar documentary series with Edvancer lays the foundation for a future where education is dynamic, personalized, and accessible to all.

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