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Don’t forget to view a lizard on Diwali night

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Lizard is generally considered to be a bad omen in Indian astrology. The reptile represents Ketu (Dragon’s tail or the shadow planet) in Hindu astrology. The lizard’s falling effect on human being is believed to be a bad omen. But depending on the body parts on which it is falling, it forecasts good omen too.

That’s why we always go after a lizard whenever we see it on our home walls in the night or day. The quickest way to drive it out is to make big claps and continue it till it disappears.

Surprisingly, this creature, predicts your good financial progress if you see it on your home wall on Deepawali or Diwali night. It is an acceptable thought in our old scriptures that lizard brings a financial good luck through out the year if you have a darshan of lizard on Diwali night on your home wall.

So, don’t drive it out before this Diwali. But that won’t possible as every householder will undertake a cleansing campaign before Diwali to welcome Lord Ganesh and Goddess Lakshmi on the festival of light.

One fact I also like to mention here that you would feel yourself lucky if you find a lizard crawling on your wall on Diwali night. In 90 per cent cases, lizards hide itself on that very night. May be lizards find the laud booming sound of bursting crackers just unbearable for their health?

Now, the effect of lizard falling on human body:
On head: It’s a good omen (Rajyoga)
On ear: Gain of ornaments
On chest or eye: Meetings with friends
On nose: Gain of luxurious items
On Mouth: Gain of sweetmeats
On neck: Financial gains
On left or right arm: Mental peace and happiness
On palms: Financial gains
On near heart: marriage
On the back: Gain of lands
On hip: Gain of clothes
On anus: it’s a bad omen
On the lap: financial loss
If a lizard falls in front of you: gain of vehicles
On feet: Tours and travels
If a lizard climbs on your body from your feet: Bad omen

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