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Designer Shilpi Gupta Unveils her Collection ‘AKS’ – The Reflection

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New Delhi, Delhi, India

Shilpi Gupta, Founder of Shilpi Gupta Designs and Chairperson of IMS DIA Institute, hosted a tete-a-tete evening for Summer Season in Style at their store in D- 25, Defence Colony, New Delhi. The occasion showcased the ‘AKS’ – The Reflection collection, surrounded by a classic milieu with a pinch of modernity, instilling a combination of consistency and innovation that reflected the current trends.

The afternoon was graced by the wonderful presence of well-known personalities from different walks of life to name a few Golfer Neelam Pratap Rudy, Dr. Anjali Hooda Sangwan, social Activist Manisha Bhatia, Manisha Gawade, Social Activist Shama Soni, Annie Munjal and others.

The collection was adorned by Leher Sethi, Mili Pahwa, Sonal Jindal, Dr. Geeta Grewal, Shinjini Kulkarni, Riya Monga, Rennie Joyy, Isha Siddhant Doshi.

The collection is diversified into The Sitaara and The Gota segments, showcasing enticing and unique motifs that reflect the amalgamation of traditional couture in contemporary scenarios. The unconventional fabrics, innovative embroidery techniques, unusual ornamentation, and chic colour palette make it stand apart from the usual Indian occasion wear. It serves every purpose of any Indian wedding ceremony in a contemporary scenario. The Gota collection is incorporated with other creative art, like marbelling, to make it interesting and contemporary. Riot of colours, cross-applique of different fabrics blended with glittered ‘sitara, done in a chic way yet keeping the essence of the craft alive. This not only revives the legacy but also gives it a modern and fresh look.

Designer Shilpi Gupta said, “Each piece of the collection preserves the soul of the craft through the mix of fabrics enriched with shining adornment. The dainty ensembles exemplify majestic and charismatic spirit of liveliness and verve. The collection dawns the perfectionism of the damsels with simplicity and grace. With skilled craftsmanship, our collections are an amalgamation of enriched textile with contemporary sophistication and well-crafted surface ornamentation.

Shilpi Gupta is the epitome of craft meets creativity. Through her unparalleled sense of expertise in textile, she has created a unique style of her own. Her forte lies in the traditional Indian essence of crafts and has evolved it into a new style, mixing ancient old craft with textiles and transforming them into exquisite high fashion pieces. Her work today has gone much beyond revival. Her associations with the villagers near Varanasi, Gujarat and other parts of the country & her passion for the Indian craft has successfully filled the gap of rustic India to a modern India.

Her sense of innovation translates into timeless and distinctive garments from her Label. Propelled by her love towards Indian crafts, Shilpi Gupta has broken ground with the finest innovation treatments, versatile fabrics as well as unusual textures crafted together with an edge.



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