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Decode Age Steals the Spotlight on Shark Tank India Season 3, Securing a Lucrative Deal and Paving the Way for Revolutionary Healthy Ageing Solutions

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Decode Age, a trailblazing health and wellness brand and a pioneer of Longevity Research in India, made waves on Shark Tank India Season 3, captivating investors, and audiences with its groundbreaking approach to healthy ageing. Founded by Rakesh Somani, Parth Amin, and Darshit Patel, Decode Age has rapidly established itself as a leader in combating the effects of ageing through its cutting-edge products and services.

During their electrifying appearance, the founders took centre stage to unveil their scientifically backed approach, emphasizing the crucial distinction between chronological age and biological age. Through a compelling presentation, Decode Age outlined its pioneering 3P approach: Prevention, Prediction, and Personalization, aimed at addressing the root causes of ageing and promoting lifelong wellness.

This sparked a lively discussion among the Sharks, with Anupam Mittal, CEO of, leading the investment negotiations, recognizing the transformative impact Decode Age could have on the health and wellness industry. After rigorous deliberations, Decode Age secured a game-changing deal of INR 1 Crore for 2.25% Equity With 1% Royalty (with a clause) Until INR 1.5 Crores is recouped from Anupam Mittal, validating the company’s visionary approach and market viability.

Parth Amin, CEO and Co-founder of Decode Age expressed his enthusiasm about the company’s journey, stating, “This appearance was an incredible opportunity to showcase Decode Age’s innovative approach to healthy ageing. We are thrilled to have secured a game-changing deal that will enable us to further our mission of empowering individuals to live longer, healthier lives.”

Since its inception in August 2021, the company has been committed to pushing the boundaries of longevity research. In November 2021, launched their inaugural product range and swiftly emerged as a leader in combating the effects of ageing through its innovative suite of products and services. The company’s Gut Microbiome research and Next-Generation Sequencing Lab have set new standards in the field, offering India’s first comprehensive Gut Microbiome analysis that identifies not only bacteria but also viruses, archaea, and fungi. Decode Age’s clinically proven supplements like Ca-AKG, Senolytics, and NMN (NAD+ Booster) further underscore its commitment to improving wellness and longevity.

Decode Age’s success on Shark Tank India Season 3 not only validates its visionary approach but also paves the way for transformative advancements in the wellness landscape. As the next milestone, Decode Age will now seek to raise 2 million USD and aims to expand its footprint into international markets. In the coming months, it also plans to introduce the most affordable and India’s first blood-based biological age testing, enhance accessibility to advanced health diagnostics and become an ecosystem of longevity in India.

With strategic partnerships, accolades, and a dedicated customer base, Decode Age is poised to redefine healthy ageing, in India and beyond.




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