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Crack Academy Honours 50 Educationists at its Award of Excellence Ceremony

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Delhi, India

Crack Academy successfully hosted the “Management and Principal’s Meet Cum Award of Excellence Ceremony” on April 3, 2024 at Gold Coast Club, Moga. During the event, the academy honoured 50 educationists with Excellence Awards for their unwavering commitment and dedication to education. Dignitaries like Mr. Neeraj Kansal, Founder & CEO of Crack Academy, and Mr. Rishi Bhargava, Co-founder & COO of Crack Academy, graced the event with their esteemed presence.

Furthermore, the event highlighted the successful inauguration of the Crack Academy’s franchise in Moga, paving the way for the holistic development of students in the city. The event also emphasized how the groundbreaking scholarship program “Mere Sheher ke 100 Ratan” will provide 11700 scholarships worth Rs. 58 Crore to selected 100 meritorious students from each constituency of Punjab.

Mr. Neeraj Kansal, Crack Academy, expressed, “At Crack Academy, we have always aimed at empowering youth through education. We envision our scholarship program, “Mere Sheher ke 100 Ratan,” will create ample opportunities and encourage aspiring students across Moga City. The program will empower the students in decision-making and will help them provide exposure to diverse career options. We aim to make the schools’ management and principals aware of this scholarship initiative and encourage their students to avail of its benefits.”

Mr. Rishi Bhargav,Crack Academy,expressed “I’m committed to addressing brain drain among students, urging them to explore opportunities in our country. During lockdowns, we’ve supported students in online learning, prioritizing mental health since 2007. Our efforts include tailored UPSC notes, Our revered ‘red book’ and ‘blue book’ recognised as ‘Bible’ for UPSC prep, and assembling India’s best teachers. We emphasize regular assessments, personalized mentoring, and completing the full syllabus for academic excellence.”

With 17+ years of experience, Crack Academy provides excellence in education under its CSR initiative “Mere Seher ke 100 Ratan.” The program has already been launched in Shimla for the students of Himachal Pradesh and in Chandigarh for the students of Punjab. Moreover, paving the way to empower the pioneers in education.


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