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Construction of Tent City underway in Ayodhya, to accommodate 25,000 devotees

  • Sprawling Tent City being set up in Ayodhya’s Greenfield Township

By Our Correspondent

Ayodhya, January 25: In view of the large flock of devotees heading towards Ayodhya after the consecration ceremony, the Yogi government is building a sprawling Tent City, which will accommodate 25,000 devotees.

On Thursday, Divisional Commissioner Gaurav Dayal visited the Tent City that the Uttar Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation is building in the Greenfield Township to make sure it has all the essential amenities for visitors who are coming from outside to see Lord Shri Ram Lalla.

Instructions were given to put numbers on all the beds in the dormitories, ensure an adequate number of mobile charging points, and maintain all arrangements appropriately.

The Divisional Commissioner stated that all standards of safety, including electrical and fire safety, would be followed in the dormitories and the premises, and sufficient ventilation would be maintained.

He directed to ensure the availability of drinking water, maintain continuous cleanliness of the toilets and the premises.

The roads within the Tent City have varying elevations, posing a risk of waterlogging during rainfall. Therefore, instructions were given to fill these potholes and use a roller to make the roads smooth.

Gaurav Dayal directed the officers to take special care of the quality of the tent city and make it attractive and clean. Regular cleanliness should be ensured in the entire Tent City complex. It should be equipped with all the basic facilities along with clean toilets and availability of pure drinking water.




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